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Samsung Introduces Mobile VoIP Application

1:33 am on November 11, 2005 | Category: VoIP, Wireless Technology

Samsung has introduced its latest enterprise-level wireless application, called OfficeServ Wireless, which is designed to transfer voice data over a wireless VoIP connection.

The new application consists of several primary components, including a wireless access point, a wireless interface card, and an interface for administration. It operates wireless on a 2.4-GHz frequency, and can support as many as 240 wireless handsets at any given time. Programming of the application can be done easily using a Samsung phone platform or a connected computer.

“OfficeServ will be compelling to some business segments because it enables adequate in-office mobility with the benefits of VoIP,” said Yankee Group analyst, Nate Dyer. “But the Voice over WLANRelevant Products/Services from LightPointe providers face numerous challenges, such as increased competition from wireless substitution offerings and PBX extension-to-mobile services.”

Samsung claims that its new phone system has numerous advantages over the competition, including its ability to maintain high voice quality during periods of heavy data traffic. It also offers several important features typically associated with mobile phones, including call waiting, contacts lists, and conference calling.

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