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RIM BlackBerry Faces UK Patent Lawsuit

1:44 am on December 17, 2005 | Category: Business, Law, Mobile Devices


BlackBerry maker, Research in Motion is now facing serious legal problems in the UK, in the form of a patent infringement lawsuit from Luxembourg-based intellectual property company, Inpro.

Inpro claims that the technology being used by RIM for their popular mobile email devices violates a patent UK patent that they have owned since April 1996.

If RIM loses this critical case, the worst-case scenario is that 375,000 BlackBerry users in the UK could soon find themselves without service. It is more likely, however, that the company would be forced into a cash settlement by their attacker. Of course, there’s no guarantee of this happening, as we have seen with NTP’s lawsuit in the United States.

RIM it fighting this litigation tooth and nail, claiming that the patents only cover much older technology, predating 1996, and aren’t anywhere near as powerful and innovative as the BlackBerry technology.

Of course, the primary reason why RIM needs to win this case is not just because of one settlement. With the situation in the US already looking pretty bleak, they need to maintain other markets with a vengeance. The last thing the company needs is to set a precedent of paying big settlements to anyone who feels like suing them.

It will definitely be interesting to follow this case as it progresses, as it will likely be a trend-setting ruling for the future of BlackBerry devices everywhere.

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