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BSkyB Introduces Remote Record Mobile DVR Feature

1:00 am on July 9, 2006 | Category: Telecom Services, Television, Wireless


BSkyB is adding a new level of convenience to its satellite television offering, by allowing users to record shows remotely, using a mobile phone.

Sky+ customers who have a Sky box DVR device will be able to record programming remotely by texting instructions to a special phone number. Those possessing a GPRS or 3G mobile phone will also be able to view a seven-day program guide on their handsets, allowing them to create an entertainment plan days in advance.

“Remote Record is perfect for those situations when you hear about a TV show and want to record it there and then, or if you want to catch a particular programme and you’re stuck at work, waiting for a delayed train or even on holiday,” said BSkyB’s director of customer products and services, Brian Sullivan.

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