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80% of Americans Value Wireless Networks over iPods

6:30 am on August 6, 2006 | Category: Mobile Devices, Multimedia, Wi-Fi, Wireless Technology


Despite the runaway success of Apple’s digital music player, a new study suggests that most American adults are more attached to their wireless networks that their iPods.

The survey, which focused on 18 to 64 year olds who had experience with wireless networks, suggest that 80% would sooner give up their iPods than the ability to access the internet wirelessly.

Farpoint Group analyst, Craig Mathias, however believes that the study (which was funded by the Wi-Fi Alliance) does exhibit some bias, due to the demographic involved.

“The results are clearly skewed by the demographic,” he said, but was quick to support the survey’s overall accuracy. “It’s not unfair in any way. I’ve never met anybody who has installed Wi-Fi and was unhappy with it in the long run.”

Then again, iPods are also fairly straightforward and those who buy them generally seem to like them. All in all, this survey simply states the obvious; that iPods are entertaining toys, but Wi-Fi is a highly practical and often necessary application.

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