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Microsoft to Kill the BlackBerry? IDC Predicts RIM’s Decline

7:35 am on October 2, 2006 | Category: Business, Cell Phones, Email, Mobile Devices, PDAs


The popular BlackBerry wireless email device won’t be able to fend off competitors in the long term; according to a new report from IDC, where analysts predict that alternative push email solutions from Microsoft and Nokia will ultimately dominate.

“The timing is right for a more powerful attack against BlackBerry as competitive forces converge,” says IDC mobile markets analyst, Sean Ryan. “Nokia is offering an end-to-end solution of its own, while Motorola and Palm, among others, are leveraging Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 and Microsoft Exchange.”

Research in Motion, which has dominated the wireless email market for the past eight years, and currently has 5.5 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide, could easily be backed into a corner by the almighty Microsoft, and its deals with hardware manufacturers.

RIM’s co-CEO, however, says that competition hasn’t yet put a dent in the company’s customer base, a forthcoming multimedia BlackBerry is expected to extend the device’s reach into new markets. Ultimately, sales of this new device, along with RIM’s ability to conquer developing markets will likely determine the company’s ability to keep the top spot.

Will this be a challenge? Absolutely, but RIM has a known knack for innovation, so I wouldn’t count the BlackBerry out just yet.

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    1. Yeah yeah, I dont believe it, for a couple of reasons.

      1. We have been seeing articles like this for years, every new phone is the BlackBerry killer, really getting sick of it and wish the media would realize RIM is here to stay, what most dont understand is that RIM is a company over 20 years old, is very good at what they do and are focused in their relentless quest to become a major player.

      2. RIM is very clever and is on the cutting edge of technology, they are pure innovators, and with every new product they think about how they can improve the product not just the bottom line, How many phones does Nokia have that all do the same damn thing but look ever so slightly different? Its the phones that stand out that will sell in the future (cosmetically, and technical features)

      3. Microsoft has a long history of fumbling in the handheld market, I dont see any change to this in their behaviour, they still dont have a true end to end solution and I belive this is why BlackBerry will always be the premium brand.

      Besides Microsoft will always have to copy someone!

      Comment by Teckie — October 2, 2006 #

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