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Online Television Services Could Cripple Internet Infrastructure

6:30 am on February 9, 2007 | Category: Internet, Telecom Services, Television


The growing popularity of web-based television services, such as YouTube and Joost, may prove too much for existing network infrastructure to handle, according to a number of internet companies including Google, which purchased YouTube last fall for over $1.6 billion.

Google is warning other companies that hope to distribute mainstream television content over the public internet that the web wasn’t designed for broadcast-quality TV.

“The Web infrastructure, and even Google’s (infrastructure) doesn’t scale,” commented the search giant’s head of TV technology, Vincent Dureau. “It’s not going to offer the quality of service that consumers expect.”

Instead, Google is hoping to collaborate with cable operators around the world and integrate its video search technology with high-bandwidth digital cable networks to improve upon the delivery of existing television services.

This sudden and surprising shift in the search giant’s attitude was called “the best news of the day” by the CEO, Duco Sickinghe of Belgian cable provider, Telenet. It also stands in sharp contradiction to Microsoft founder, Bill Gates’ prediction that PCs and television sets will ultimately merge into a single unified information and entertainment platform.

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