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Mobile Gaming Overtakes Ringtones in UK Wireless Revenue

1:21 am on June 24, 2007 | Category: Multimedia, Software, Telecom Services, Wireless


Mobile gaming is a fast-increasing source of mobile content revenue, and has overtaken ringtones in the UK market, according to a recent study by GfK M².

UK customers spent a total of £83 million (US$165 million) on mobile games in the first quarter of this year, compared with £76 million on ringtones, and just £23 million on the much-hyped mobile music sector.

GfK also observed that wireless network operators have come to dominate the mobile gaming sector, with almost 90% of game downloads being purchased through a carrier.

“A year ago there was less activity in the mobile gaming market as well as poor phone functionality, limited game offerings and perceived high prices,” commented GfK M² business group director, Aaron Rattue. “In the last year mobile gaming has really taken off and now leads the mobile content market in terms of the amount of money consumers are spending. Clearly, gamers are happy to pay to download, with half of all the games downloaded to a mobile phone in the last year costing £5 or more.”

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