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Verizon Offers Free Sharp LCD TV to New FiOS Subscribers

6:00 am on November 21, 2007 | Category: Telecom Services, Television

Verizon Communications is expanding its free LCD TV offer to at least five additional states, after introducing the FiOS sign-up incentive in the New York metropolitan area last month.

The company began offering a free Sharp Aquos 19-inch LCD HD television set to new FiOS triple-play subscribers in parts of New York, New Jersey, and southern Connecticut on October 15, and is extending the offer to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, and parts of Indiana this week.

“This is the time of year to draw people into this kind of offer,” commented Verizon’s media relations director, Jim Smith. “There are holiday specials on television, and football’s on TV.”

The free TV offer is set to run until December 15, although it may be extended through the end of December, according to Smith. It is available to customers that sign-up for a triple-play bundle of FiOS TV, FiOS Internet, and Verizon home phone service, and commit to a two-year contract. Subscribers may opt to receive a $200 Best Buy gift certificate in lieu of the Sharp HDTV set.

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    1. how do I apply for the free TV?

      Comment by Lynn Jenkins — November 29, 2007 #

    2. Earlier this month, I switched from my cable internet and cable tv provider to Verizon. I was told to go to rewards.verizon.com to claim the promotional gift of either a TV or $200 gift certificate. I cannot access that website. I also tried to call the number provided (866-279-0438) but was on hold for more than 20 minutes. Can you please provide me with an accurate web address so I can claim my prize? My order number is 117456073. My home phone is 201-933-9279.

      Comment by Lavonne Burkhalter — November 30, 2007 #

    3. My Verizon service was installed last Friday. I’m unsure how to proceed with the promotion I was offered. The website you referred to asks for a VZID and password. It won’t accept my Verizon login as a VZID. Were you provided such a login? How is the process coming along for you?

      Comment by David McComb — December 1, 2007 #

    4. I believe the website you are looking for is:


      Comment by Martin — December 3, 2007 #

    5. Hi,

      Do you know if this promotion will expand to Philadelphia? I want to switch to the triple play, but I will wait if I can get the free TV with it.

      Comment by S Kandula — December 5, 2007 #

    6. Very nice offer if it is good.

      Comment by Harry Kendall — December 6, 2007 #

    7. this is confusing and I can not get in.

      Comment by Harry Kendall — December 6, 2007 #

    8. Kandula, I am in the philly area and had my FIOS service installed on Nov. 13th. I saw the commercial for the free TV offer last week and called to see if I qualified to receive it. Turns out I do and they are sending me the info to order it. So yes, it has been expanded to our area. Glad I called!!

      Comment by Brian — December 7, 2007 #

    9. received a letter stating i am eligible to receive a free RCA Small Wonder Digital Camcorder because I purchased the Verizon Double Play Bundle. No were on this site is there anything about the camcorder or way to enter a user name or password. Very confusing .

      Comment by sam — December 8, 2007 #

    10. I’ve tried several time to get my reward, with no luck I’m upset that is offer isn’t going though and whould like tp reslove it as soon as possible.

      Comment by Jean King — December 9, 2007 #

    11. We just saw the ad here in Hillsboro, Oregon (a Portland suburb). We’d been thinking about the Triple Play anyway, and this pretty much seals the deal.

      Comment by Phil K — December 10, 2007 #

    12. does anyone know the 800# to call to order verizon? i didn’t write it down when i saw the commercial on tv.

      Comment by barb — December 10, 2007 #

    13. received letter 12/10 to receive freeRCA camcorder for puchasing double play bundle but the web site will not accept my unique username or unique password – calling 1-866-279-0438 has been busy all afternoon (12/10) then I called billing and sales 800-688-2880 and agent tried to get me another number for rewards and i stayed on line for 30 minutes- this is very unfair – now i am requesting instead of the camcorder the LCD I saw advertised on TV – am i eligible ?

      Comment by nancy dorn — December 10, 2007 #

    14. After installing Fios and didgital phone service I received your letter for a free cam corder 3days ago(12/8) and have been trying to contact you ever since by computer and phone I have not been able to get through to anyone. I notice others are having the same problem. Please tell me how to proceed.

      Comment by Walter Wasserman — December 11, 2007 #

    15. I try to get to the site, and nothing happen. What’s going on?

      Comment by Jacinth Campbell Reid — December 11, 2007 #

    16. I’m having a similar problem. There is no
      Rewards.verizon.com. Will anyone contact us with the correct web site?
      i was told I could get a ‘gift card’ at Best Buy instead of the camcorder.

      Comment by Barbara — December 11, 2007 #

    17. I’m having same problem too. It is been days i’m trying to contact to them. It’s terrible.

      Comment by Annie — December 12, 2007 #

    18. i cant get through to get the free t.v. either . im thinking that its a scam.

      Comment by maggie — December 13, 2007 #

    19. I guess I am another sucker ,with a letter for a HDTV

      Very unhappy with the service of VERIZON,
      This is just the cherry.

      Comment by Barbara Dec.13,2007

      Comment by Barbara — December 13, 2007 #

    20. I have no comment I did not get thru to anyone regarding my new tv yet.

      Comment by lisa — December 13, 2007 #


      Comment by F28200000621661 — December 13, 2007 #

    22. You make everythig sound so great and then when you try to claim yours rewards that yiu were promised you can’t do it. I can’i even get any where on the phone. Really upset it say the least.

      Comment by Doris Mathisen — December 14, 2007 #

    23. You say it’s a 19″ TV I heard on the radio it was a 26″TV…..Which is it?

      Comment by john — December 14, 2007 #

    24. the dec 3website given by martin is the correct site to sign for your tv

      Comment by paul — December 15, 2007 #

    25. ummm i ordered verizon 3 deal package on november 16 and didnt recieve the promotions letter yet whats the deal? ps i live in new york

      Comment by john — December 15, 2007 #

    26. I have been trying to find the site to enter my user name and pass word ,just how do I do that.
      Everything I try it does’t work.

      I received a letter stating that I would receive a free 19inch SHARP LCD HDTV for purchasing the VERIZON TRIPLE PLAY BUNDLE

      Comment by Anthony Longo — December 16, 2007 #

    27. I am Verizon free do to what your going through.
      I will never buy or subscribe to ther products no mater what the offer.Why? There customer sevice is located on another planet.And even after you think you have your problem resolved.Never again!
      You have been warned.
      Good luck,
      A past customer now 6 months sober

      Comment by Gary — December 16, 2007 #

    28. called and waited 2 hours and no one picked up
      very disguisted about the long wait to give my confirmation #. louis Giacchetto 12/17/07

      Comment by louis Giacchetto — December 17, 2007 #

    29. I’ve tried over and over again and only get a busy signal,the user name they provide you with is not valid at all and the phone number 866 279 0438 its always busy.I think it was a plan to get everyone to switch over.it’ll be wrong to switch back right?

      Comment by Jason — December 17, 2007 #

    30. It looks like you guys do not have your act together!!! I too received a letter for a RCA Small Wonder Digital Camcorder. I was told I was going to receive a gift certificate to Best Buy not a camcorder! There is no place to enter a Username: and Password at this site. So what’s the story?

      Comment by Frances Ann Cascio — December 18, 2007 #

    31. How do you expect someone to submit information when you don’t allow them to enter the correct information to qualify. The telephone number listed on your letter is constantly busy and its very frustrating to keep calling.

      Comment by angiekayin@verizon.net — December 19, 2007 #


      Comment by MICHAEL S — December 19, 2007 #

    33. Don’t feel bad, I live on Long Island, had my triple play installed on OCTOBER 24th and I’m STILL WAITING FOR MY LETTER!!

      Comment by George H — December 20, 2007 #

    34. FOLLOW-UP: Well I just called the phone number on the rewards website (1-866-279-0438) and was on hold for about 5-6mins and someone did pick-up. They said they would be sending me another letter for the free TV. We’ll see if I’m waiting another 8 weeks to receive this one!

      Comment by George H — December 20, 2007 #

    35. I’ve been considering switching from Cox to Verizon Fios for awhile. The free TV offer (first ad I heard said 27 inch, later ads said 19) had me hooked. BUT… After reading what everyone is going through..? I say never mind!

      Comment by Cat — December 20, 2007 #

    36. I ordered the FIOS 3 way bundle with the understanding that I would recieve a free 19″ HDTV. The installation went w/o incident and the technician was professional and knowledgable. The television reception is exceptional and the additional operating options are impressive. When I inquired about the free HDTV the technician gave me a number to call, which I did. I was told I “qualified” for the free HDTV and that a letter would be sent to me in 4 weeks that would give me the option to $200 in Circuit City gift cirtificates or a 19″ HDTV. If I selected the Circuit City gift coupons they would be sent to me in 3 to 4 weeks, however, if I selected the HDTV I would have to wait 8 to 10 weeks. I didn’t like the first responders answer so I asked to speak to a manager who was obviously prepared for my displeasure. I told the supervisor that I didn’t feel I should pay for the services if Verizon failed to honor their end of the offering. The supervisor said that the offering is similar to a rebate and also quoted the “qualification” once again. Therefore, the offering was for the bundle only. The HDTV was a qualification to the purchase of the bundle.
      Here’s my message to Verizon. You have turned an attractive offering into a slimey technical breach. You have also darkened the quality of your fiber service, company name and reputation. I will be constantly on my guard with you and will be quick to file a complaint regarding your business ethic. After the 2 year contract expires I’ll consider your competition with regard to your performance. You have 1 strike against you.

      Comment by 5 year subscriber — December 21, 2007 #

    37. I called about the Free TV offer and mentioned that there are negative messages about it on the internet.. the ordering department did not want to hear it and hung-up on me. I called again and ask to speak to supervisor, they claimed there’s no supervisor on duty… They are not getting my business

      Comment by Mounir Ghaly — December 21, 2007 #

    38. I have a letter advising me to contact your site to apply for my free TV – however, on this page there is no place to enter the unique Username or unique Password – WHERE DO I ENTER THIS INFORMATION IN ORDER TO OBTAIN MY FREE TV????????

      Comment by Walter Pierzchala — December 22, 2007 #

    39. verizon is a noun in another language that means – You think
      your going to get service ha ha ha!!!
      Well how do you say verizon you stink!!!

      Comment by pat lauriello — December 22, 2007 #

    40. i was told when i set my account up, which no one explaned to me how…there would be a form of somesort to check off for the TV ot Best Buy. Well I would like the TV…..by the way i haven’t had the best of starts with you …right now not a happy camper…….

      Comment by Donna — December 23, 2007 #

    41. Walter, Donna, and others who cannot find the form to enter your unique username and password… Have you tried http://rewards.verizon.com/V2/UI/WebUserPages/Index.aspx? That seems to be the most reliable link we’ve received so far (from Martin — see comment #4).

      Just to clarify, you will not find a place to enter your information on this site (TeleClick) — you will need to deal with Verizon directly as they are your service provider.

      TeleClick is merely a distributor of telecom news, reviews, and press release info sent to us by various companies.

      For what it’s worth, I sympathize with your frustration. Verizon seems to have made this process much more difficult than necessary. :(


      Comment by Jeremy — December 23, 2007 #


      Comment by Donna — December 23, 2007 #

    43. Thank you Martin for the site to my new TV… i couldnt have found it without your help here:)

      Comment by Thomas — December 26, 2007 #

    44. I received a letter of confirmation from verizon along with a username and unique password to claim a 19″ LCD HDTV for the Triple Play Bundle Purchase. Since the website
      http://rewards.verizon.com has no access but commentary pages I’ll try the 800 No. After that, verizon will be in breech of their contract in 7-10 working days.( Read your contract when your service was done.Remember,it works both ways.That is business).

      Comment by garroway — December 26, 2007 #

    45. I have letter with unique password and username. Yet, I cannot get to site ofsdr get through on the phone after hanging on for forty minutes???? What am I to do??????

      Comment by Adam — December 27, 2007 #

    46. I have never received a letter with the my login and password and I had my services installed on 11/8/07. I tried calling multiple times and they leave you on eternal hold, but this website stated above in another comment is the correct one but you need your login and password.


      Comment by Georgina — December 27, 2007 #

    47. I was told I would receive a free RCA Small Wonder Digital Camcorder for purchasing Verizon Double Play Bundle. This site only offers free TV. Also there is no where to enter my Username and Password. Others seem to share my confusion. Why is Verizon making this process so difficult?
      Please explain since I only have 45 days and it looks like this will take forever.

      Comment by Rosemary Donato — December 28, 2007 #

    48. dear verizon, iam not please with the way your company is handle the free 19″ tv that was the reason i sign up for triple play bundle, please sent the tv today , its has been seven weeks since your co. said i will receve the tv.thank you. mr. tucker/

      Comment by henry tucker — December 29, 2007 #

    49. I am “anxiously” awaiting my FREE 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV, for signing up with Verizon Triple play plan. I received a letter from Verizon with my useer name/password to check my status. I was able to find the webpage ONCE-now when I look for it to see when I will be receiving my TV, I cannot find the page. Verizonrewards.com shows me everything from Credit Cards with rewards, shopping for wireless phones, etc. What gives??
      At this time I am VERY dissatisfied with the way Verizon is handling this matter with its customers. I should have stayed with Cable….at least I would know what is going on in Westchester County. Yep. NEWS12 is as Local as it Gets!!!

      Comment by Roxanne — December 30, 2007 #

    50. Rosemary, Henry, Roxanne, and all others who are confused:

      Have you tried entering your username and password at http://rewards.verizon.com/V2/UI/WebUserPages/Index.aspx? That seems to be the most reliable link we’ve received so far (from Martin — see comment #4).

      Just to clarify, you will not find a place to enter your information on this site (TeleClick) — you will need to deal with Verizon directly as they are your service provider.

      TeleClick is merely a distributor of telecom news, reviews, and press release info sent to us by various companies.

      – Editor.

      Comment by Jeremy — December 30, 2007 #

    51. My fios was connected on nov 20,2007. After being on hold with verizon a total of 6 hours in two weeks and speaking to numerous idiots i’ve gotten no where. Everyone I spoke to gave me a different story until I finally reached a supervisor, so I was told. He told me I couldn’t register for the TV over the phone and that I needed to go on line which i’ve tried with no success. I again called verizon with another hour wait and when I finally spoke to another idiot I laid it on the line . NO MORE BULL%#@! I will not pay my bill until I receive my TV, AND IF THERE IS NO TV REAL SOON I WILL CONTACT ALL THE TV STATIONS AND INFORM THEM OF THE FALSE ADVERTISING BY VERIZON. THEY CAN THEN TAKE THERE FIOS AND SHOVE IT. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I CAN NO LONGER BE PATIENT AND MADE A FOOL OF

      Comment by joe and lisa — January 1, 2008 #

    52. Wow!!! I was actually surfing to try and sign up for the bundle. After this I don’t know if it worth the headache.

      Comment by Todd — January 2, 2008 #

    53. I signed up for Verizon Service on December 12th 2007. The Installed did not tell me that I could get a copper cat5 jack for my computer. He used the existing CoAx. Being a NetAdmin this is not what I wanted. I called after I found out that I could get a CAT5 jack installed from the ONT. They told me that I tech had to come out to service the system and to run the line and it would cost me $89.95. I argued with the lady on the phone about this and asked for a supervisor. I stated that I did not ge the installation that I wanted. Finally the said they could not waive the fee but would give me a $100 amex gift card I said fine. Also I do not like the BS that they pull with the Tivo HD. Cable cards are an FCC regulation for a reason. This is so that compaines like TIVO can develope a product around a standard. They are going to charge me $2.99 per card and I will lose all my on demand and guide features. As for the TV I did get a letter in the mail and logged onto rewards.verizon.net and I was able to log in. I got a confirmation e-mail stating that I would have my TV in 6-10 weeks. READ THE FINE PRINT….can be substitued with another model..or something like that. I bet I get a POS TV instead of a Sharp Aquos.
      On a good note the TV signal is cleaner, brighter, and better. Ondemand features are better than cable and the Internet is FAST. I pin the speakeasy speed test every time. No matter what time of day it is. Verizon Is a good deal just watch out for their customer service and don’t take any crap from them. You’ll get what you want from them eventually.

      –Joe From Long Island

      Comment by Joe — January 4, 2008 #

    54. I had my FIOS installed on 12/10/07. I called the 800-279-0438 number and got right through. I was very courtious to the CSR on the phone and she set me up with a confirmation number in no time flat. I just got my TV today 1/4/08. Be aware it will arrove Fedex ground and needs to be signed for by an adult. They will not just leave it. Sometimes when you see all the negative stuff on the net remember that sometines the problem is just a “loose nut behind the wheel”

      Comment by Matt — January 4, 2008 #

    55. I signed up for the triple play on Nov. 24. I’ve
      called several times & I’ve been told each time to
      wait for the letter. FOR HOW LONG? Has anyone received their TV yet? Has anyone contacted ASA?

      Comment by janet — January 7, 2008 #

    56. I ordered the Verizon Double Play (telephone and DSL) about a month ago. I just received the letter yesterday advising me that I could receive the digital camcorder. I went to the website on the letter (http://rewards.verizon.com) and entered my username and password. My name and address came up so I know it worked. I elected to have a confirmation sent to my email and received that as well. It’s terrible that so many of you are having such difficulty. I can’t understand why when my experience was seemingly flawless. I just hope they can get it cleared up for everyone.

      Comment by Emily — January 8, 2008 #

    57. can someone from verizon set up this tv?????

      Comment by f46200000770046 — January 8, 2008 #

    58. i just want what you advertise.
      please just follow thru what you advertise on TV.
      Remember you service the people, they are your money.
      We know you are a conglomerate but hey how did you get there?>????

      Comment by carol wells — January 8, 2008 #

    59. We subscribed to the bundle on December 15th, 2007, have not received a letter, and have not heard word one about the t.v. offer. My husband and I have read through the offer and we do qualify. We would like our letter and t.v. Is there any real and definitive date when we will receive this letter and t.v.? We have every confidence this is a real offer and will be honored!

      Comment by Linda — January 8, 2008 #

    60. So sorry…we actually signed up for the bundle on December 14th, 2007. There is only 45 days, after receiving the reward letter to apply for the t.v., correct? So then we would appreciate knowing the date we’ll be receiving the reward letter, please.

      Comment by Linda — January 8, 2008 #

    61. Just got the internet and phone package with a promise of a FREE RCA SMALL WONDER DIGITAL CAMCORDER or a $50 BEST BUY GIFT CARD. Verizon said I would receive my voucher in the mail in 3-4 weeks… so I wait and see – will update the forum regularly …let’s see if anyone actually receives a tv or camcorder or gift card!!! :O

      Comment by Wesley — January 8, 2008 #

    62. WESLEY HERE… I just finished an online chat with a Verizon representative – I asked her to give me details regarding the free camcorder or gift card and she gave me this number to call (1-866-279-0438) so I called the number and they said my info would not be in their system until Verizon submits my info around time when voucher is mailed, 3-4 weeks after establishing qualifying service. Will keep you posted…! :O

      Comment by Wesley — January 8, 2008 #

    63. I to can’t get into the site to receive the free TV.
      What gives??

      Comment by Leslie Davies — January 9, 2008 #

    64. In November 18, 2007 I signed up for Verizon FIOS TV and FIOS Internet service. After a read in a newspaper about the Free 19″ LCD HDTV, I called Verizon to switch to Triple Play to get the offer. On November, 20, 2007, Verizon came and installed the FIOS Triple Play. They told me that I will be receiving my letter to redeem the free gift in two weeks, then thereafter I should be receiving my HDTV after a week later. In detailed told me what the letter is going to have such as the url to the website, a username and password. Once signed in I will have the option of three offers from HDTV, $200 Best Buy and Wireless Phone. Today is January 9, 2007 and still no letter. Yes, I tried several times to get connected, busy signals. Finally, got someone and they told me that I am not on the rebate list, but they do notice that I had the Triple Play, so they ordered for the letter but will take 4 weeks from today to get the letter. Let’s see what happens. The offer has been extended til February, 2008. Although, if the offer is expired by then, they have to render the gift as promised. This can lead to legal action for false advertisement. Peace!

      Comment by Jesse — January 9, 2008 #

    65. To everyone disappointed.

      How about initiating a class action suit against verizon for the crap. maybe this would teach them something? If you thing about how many people very likely never got the prommised goods and they didn’t even get to this web, I’m sure that class action suit would slash some cash from these shmacks…


      Comment by Paul — January 9, 2008 #

    66. …. also, the triple play bundle with 2-year contract is monopolizing market. maybe some cable, satelite and other phone companies would chip in to the suit. i’m just waiting for the first sign to add kick their back end. Recently a couple of banks got over 360 million dollars suit for just not disclosing the foreign currency conversion rate on their bills. Everything else was perfectly fine. So why not giving Verizon the same chance to pay out?


      Comment by Paul — January 9, 2008 #

    67. I share your frustrations with Verizon.I’m a retired Verizon splice tech and have witnessed the deteration of a once proud company.However,that said,I can not single out only Verizon as it seems customer service is dead in all large corporations.If it makes you feel any better,I too am waiting for my promotional offer since Dec.4th.

      Comment by yankeeflyer — January 10, 2008 #

    68. ordered the FIOS 3 way bundle with the understanding that I would recieve a free 19″ HDTV. The installation went w/o incident and the technician was professional and knowledgable. The television reception is exceptional and the additional operating options are impressive. When I inquired about the free HDTV the technician gave me a number to call, which I did. I was told I “qualified” for the free HDTV and that a letter would be sent to me in 4 weeks that would give me the option to $200 in Circuit City gift cirtificates or a 19″ HDTV… I have not recieved a letter and it’s been over months.

      Comment by Pissed — January 11, 2008 #

    69. i am having the same trouble. i signed up for FIOS- had a terrible experience during installation- spent over 7 hours on the phone getting issues resolved and then 2 hours on hold the next day trying to get someone back out to my house. issue was finally resolved but when i tried to call back- on 3 separate occasions with other questions i could not committ to waiting that long on hold- just ridiculous to think my time is worth so little. I also cannot log on to the rewards.verizon.net website-their cust svc # is not manned evenings or weekends- how convenient–also- i was promised either the mini camcorder OR $50 to Best Buy- no mention of that in the promo letter- i as well as many friends were also told we would receive a $50 Target gift card which we have received absolutely no additional information on. i am extremely diasppointed in the level of followthrough i have received so far.

      Comment by maryd — January 12, 2008 #

    70. what’s the absoult worse thing do to to someone in this information age as we call it? Give the wrong info I’d say. kind of makes me just want to rip all your stuff out and throw it out. Why promise and not deliver? Don’t tell me verizon is going to run for president. Well as you can tell just a little disapointed,but what the hell I’m just a customer

      Comment by Randall Lucus — January 12, 2008 #

    71. Im trying to go to rewards,verizon.com to fill in my username and password so i can receive my free tv but cant find where i need to do it at!!!!

      Comment by Annette Durrance — January 13, 2008 #

    72. Again, the URL to use (where many users seem to have had success) is: http://rewards.verizon.com/V2/UI/WebUserPages/Index.aspx.

      Comment by Jeremy — January 13, 2008 #

    73. I had double bundle (tv & phone) installed 12/26/07 and recvd my reward letter on 1/11 – I logged on website on 1/14 and was given choice of Best Buy $50 gift card or camcorder (which noted may be substituted). Very easy – hope to get giftcd in 2-4 wks as advised. Happy with great Fios picture – guide is difficult, no page down and slow response on “on demand” feature.

      Comment by Sandy O — January 14, 2008 #

    74. Well it’s nice to see I’m not alone in my difficulty with trying to receive my so called gift. Yes they do make everything sound good. But it’s not. Truely thinking about completely changing my service. This is more of a problem than it’s worth. I also love the way the gift changes from one size or particular gift to another size and less appealing reward.

      Comment by Benson,L — January 14, 2008 #

    75. I have just tried the web site on your letter, and
      the web site does not exist, what is going on? After reading all the comments I guess I am not alone. please respond to one and all.
      peter rivera, new milford, nj

      Comment by Peter Rivera — January 14, 2008 #

    76. Ok, just let me start by saying that I currently WORK for the Verizon Rebate hotline (yes. the 866 phone number) To all that have misinformation and/or questions about the Double Play and Triple Play offers:

      1.) If your service person did not tell you, within 2-5 weeks AFTER your installation date you will receive a reward notification letter (in the mail) that has a unique username and password that is directly tied to your information and account. Without this letter issued, we do not have any information in our system for you and we CANNOT redeem any rewards over the phone. Given, there WERE some issues with communication between departments for alot of the new customers for October and November and we are re-issuing letters as quickly as possible but unfortunately this process can take an additional 2-5 weeks. We very much appreciate your patience while we correct this and you will be receiving your rewards. Dont worry, the offer will not expire for those customers. As for all customers that began service in December and January, we have had a very positive response about how quickly customers are receiving letters and redeeming their rewards.

      2.) The Double play offer is either a $50 gift card to Best Buy or an RCA Small Wonder Digital camcorder, both of which take approximately 2-4 weeks for delivery after the date of redemtion.

      3.) The Triple play offer is either a $200 gift card to Best Buy or a Sharp 19″ LCD HDTV Flat Screen television. The gift card takes about 2-4 weeks for delivery and the TV takes about 6-10 weeks for delivery.

      4.) If you have received a notification letter for the Double Play offer and you are a Triple play customer or vice versa, PLEASE call us immediately so we can correct this error and issue you a new letter. If you do redeem this offer, you will not be eligible for the correct reward.

      5.) RESEARCH the rewards before you make your decision. For some, the waiting period is their deciding factor, for others it is compatibility with their other hardware, and for others it is the actual value of the devices. If any of these factors will sway your decision, feel free to research these products.

      6.) We ARE extremely busy at this call center and we are the ONLY ONE for the entire country. We are hiring and training alot of new agents every week to keep up with the call volume so if you are having trouble accessing the website or have any other questions, please be patient with us as we are handling other calls. I personally take over 200 calls a day (in an 8 hour shift!) and I promise if I get you, I will do my best to help you, but please remember what I said about the letter: if we do not have your information there is nothing we can do. If a previous agent has taken your information within the last 3-4 weeks then we ARE getting your letter processed!! I PROMISE!!

      7.) The Target/American Express/Gas Card promotions are completely seperate from the Double/Triple play offers. For the Target cards, those are issued out 10-12 weeks after the service has been installed; for all other cards, please contact your billing department because those do not go through us.

      Oh, and PS- For some reason the reward letters have no mention of the Best Buy gift cards but YOU DO HAVE THE OPTION! If you are able to access the website, you will see it does give you the option to choose between the two rewards!

      Thanks guys!

      Comment by Jenny — January 14, 2008 #

    77. PSS- PLEASE do not ask for me if you call the 866 number, I do not have an extention and I will not be able to talk to you unless you happen to come into my call queue. I only posted this message to assist anyone with questions on this particular website and would be more than happy to answer any other questions you have on THIS WEBSITE.

      I’ll keep checking back as long as I am working there!

      Comment by Jenny — January 14, 2008 #

    78. Recevied my letter to claim my free tv. Have tried
      to call 866-279-0438 for 3 days now getting busy signal for 2 hours each time. Tried to go to web site and could not access that either, I only have 45 day to claim this so I would appreciate some calling me at my home in the morning as I take care of my 91 year old mother.
      Please call me at 856-767-3986
      Thank you for your time in this matter
      Mr. R. Behnke

      Comment by R Behnke — January 15, 2008 #

    79. i don’t understand what is this all about
      why so much trouble.
      are you going to stand by your word.

      Comment by Anita Watson — January 16, 2008 #

    80. I would like to know how I can claim my sharp hdtv
      I called the 8662790428 and the # was busy and then I got a recording telling me that the dept was closed.
      How do I go about claiming my Sharp Hdtv??????

      Comment by Rene Gordils — January 16, 2008 #

    81. Ms Gordlis-
      If you have received your notification letter from us and are unable to access the website, you can call us at 866-279-9438 and we can redeem that for you over the phone. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm central time. Otherwise you can go to http://rewards.verizon.com to claim your TV.

      Comment by Jenny — January 17, 2008 #

    82. booooooo its a scam!


      Comment by nijmih — January 18, 2008 #

    83. You guys sound like a bunch of wash women! You think a big company like verizon is going to screw you on a free TV?? This is not the cable company guys. veriozn will deliver. It is not easy workign with Sharp to get these TV’s delivered. You will get them so stop crying@

      Comment by pauley — January 20, 2008 #

    84. just had my triple play installed (Dec.31,2007), got my letter on Jan 19,2008. I’m in the process of submitting my request for the 19″ sharp lcd hdtv. Thus for, all is well, howerer, I find that my e-mail server to be very slow (worst than dial-up). Maybe, it will get better after some fine tuning. When calling for help or service, be prepared for a long long wait(could verizon be over extended because of the response to this offer). Let’s hope that after the smoke clears, things will be better for all of us. TBC.

      Comment by WILLIS — January 20, 2008 #

    85. It’s not a scam. However, Verizon is horribly organized. The website has issues and the rebate call center is NOT properly staffed.

      The majority of employees are barely trained, and the instant they have to think or do something that wasn’t drilled into their head…they mess up.

      Oh, and Jenny… I doubt you work for Verizon. And if you do…stop wasting your time here and work more hours.

      Trust me….Comcast is not much better….

      I got MORE lies and frustration from Verizon in a month than Comcast gave me in more than ten years. But I left Verizon….

      Comment by VerizonSUX — January 20, 2008 #

    86. Ordered the Triple Bundle just before Christmas. Installed on January 5th.
      Got the letter on January 17th.
      Followed the letter’s directions (unique username and password) and on MLK day I am trying to decide between the BestBuy gift card and the Sharp LCD-TV.

      So far so good. I hope the picture/model# corresponds to the product I get (LC-19SB24U).

      Comment by JayJTee — January 21, 2008 #

    87. I would like to respond to jenny from verison’s post above. As background, I ordered the triple play 11/16/07 and we set an install date for 11/25/07. The services were installed and erverything works reasonably well. I was told I would receive the infamous letter in two weeks.

      Your post Jenny
      Ok, just let me start by saying that I currently WORK for the Verizon Rebate hotline (yes. the 866 phone number) To all that have misinformation and/or questions about the Double Play and Triple Play offers:

      1.) If your service person did not tell you, within 2-5 weeks AFTER your installation date you will receive a reward notification letter (in the mail) that has a unique username and password that is directly tied to your information and account. Without this letter issued, we do not have any information in our system for you and we CANNOT redeem any rewards over the phone. Given, there WERE some issues with communication between departments for alot of the new customers for October and November and we are re-issuing letters as quickly as possible but unfortunately this process can take an additional 2-5 weeks. We very much appreciate your patience while we correct this and you will be receiving your rewards. Dont worry, the offer will not expire for those customers. As for all customers that began service in December and January, we have had a very positive response about how quickly customers are receiving letters and redeeming their rewards.

      As I said my service was installed 11/25/07 and today is 1/21/08. After my third call someone figured out that Verizon had signed me up for the double play reward. So not only have I not received a letter for the reward, I was set to receive the wrong one, and was only being given the double play bundle price not the triple play bundle price! Not to worry, they fixed that. NOW I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER FOUR WEEKS TO RECEIVE THE LETTER AGAIN! Sound familiar? After I receive the letter i have to wait 8-10 weeks to receive the tv. At this clip, i will be on Verizon’s triple play for nearly 6 months beofre receiving my tv! I appreciate you coming on here and trying to explain, but how are we not to be furstrated!? Why should I not call the Attorney General’s office and make a complaint? I would encourage everyone on here getting the run around to call their state’s Attorney General and file a complaint. Maybe that will get Verizon’s attention.

      3.) The Triple play offer is either a $200 gift card to Best Buy or a Sharp 19″ LCD HDTV Flat Screen television. The gift card takes about 2-4 weeks for delivery and the TV takes about 6-10 weeks for delivery.

      4.) If you have received a notification letter for the Double Play offer and you are a Triple play customer or vice versa, PLEASE call us immediately so we can correct this error and issue you a new letter. If you do redeem this offer, you will not be eligible for the correct reward.

      5.) RESEARCH the rewards before you make your decision. For some, the waiting period is their deciding factor, for others it is compatibility with their other hardware, and for others it is the actual value of the devices. If any of these factors will sway your decision, feel free to research these products.

      6.) We ARE extremely busy at this call center and we are the ONLY ONE for the entire country. We are hiring and training alot of new agents every week to keep up with the call volume so if you are having trouble accessing the website or have any other questions, please be patient with us as we are handling other calls. I personally take over 200 calls a day (in an 8 hour shift!) and I promise if I get you, I will do my best to help you, but please remember what I said about the letter: if we do not have your information there is nothing we can do. If a previous agent has taken your information within the last 3-4 weeks then we ARE getting your letter processed!! I PROMISE!!

      Oh, and PS- For some reason the reward letters have no mention of the Best Buy gift cards but YOU DO HAVE THE OPTION! If you are able to access the website, you will see it does give you the option to choose between the two rewards!

      Thanks guys!

      Comment by Jenny — January 14, 2008 #

      Comment by Andy Miller — January 21, 2008 #

    88. Ok, first of all, yes I DO work for the Verizon rebate call center. And I work my 45 hours a week, thank you very much. I do my best to assist every customer I speak to as well as answer questions on various websites where people are having issues with Verizon. Secondly, I believe I am not only doing my job, but going above and beyond what is asked of me.

      Comment by Jenny — January 21, 2008 #

    89. I can’t believe all of the lies and idiots I get when trying to contact Verizon or their support for the “free tv”offer. I’m going to look into a class action lawsuit because I know for a fact that over 50% of the consumer’s have not recieved a letter or TV they were promised. I have spent over 10 hours on hold and when I did get a hold of someone customer service rep’s such as “jennifer” did no good in helping. I was only told what I wanted to hear. Optimum online is willing to pay for the cancellation fee of Verizon for me to switch back, I would gladly deal with an internet hang up then the unhelpful service Verizon offers. My wife is in the legal field and is currently inquiring on some contacts to get this started. I have never seen this type of service from any minor let along major top named company. Those of you working for Verizon, try and actually do your job. If you think your job is done right then maybe you should look into bagging food or folding clothes for a living. I’m sick of all the lies fed to all of your customers who, as a reminder, pay your minimum wage salaries. I can’t wait to get rid of your service!!!!

      Comment by Mark — January 21, 2008 #

    90. Just as an example…I had the installation completed on November 9, 2007. The installer clogged my damn toilet and took forever to install. Phone call after phone call for months now I get empty promises that I would get a letter “4-6 weeks”. I just called today and they said the same thing…appologized then said i would get a new letter in “4-5 weeks”. Wow….If your reading this as a review prior to getting service from Verizon…DON’T!!!! Not worth the headaches, trust me and 95% of the people who left comments on this board…

      Comment by Mark — January 21, 2008 #

    91. OMG, you people are insane. Verizon is GIVING YOU free stuff and all you can do is bitch??? I mean..class action lawsuit?? Seriously? By the time y’all get that organized you will have gotten your free stuff and there will be nothing to sue for! Dont people THINK anymore? Really…come on…this is probably a service you would have signed up for anyway and because you get a free TV with it it gives you the right to bitch? WOW

      Comment by CRAZYPEOPLE — January 22, 2008 #

    92. LOL…oh wow..so i’m talking to a rep from the verizon rebate center and I confirm to him that I want the $200 best buy credit card. He says ok no problem it will be faster to actually send that out so you will have it in 2-4 weeks. 1 minute later he states that I will recieve the letter for confirmation in 4-5 weeks. Then I said so you mean to tell me that I will get my “prize” in rougly 2 months. Then he says yes You should get the ‘TV’ then. Um…genious, I thought I just told you 5 seconds ago about the $200 best buy gift certificate that I want and you EVEN confirmed that you wrote it down. Then he says yes I wrote that down… I think that speaks for itself. Attention span of fly…

      Comment by Crystal — January 22, 2008 #

    93. Ok, you know what, I tried to come to this site to assist anyone with questions (I have even made PERSONAL CALLS to some of these customers!!!)

      MARK- I resent that comment you made about “paying our minimum wage salaries”. Really??? Are you the kind of guy that says that kind of thing to a cop when he’s giving you a ticket? Very immature. And I can guarantee if you say that to one of our reps they WILL hang up on you. No one deserves that kind of disrespect, and we do not have to take it. We are merely trying to get all of these rebates fufilled as quickly as possible, and Verizon’s policies on researching/processing times are not something we can do anything about.

      Just a word of advice: Be patient, be courteous and remember that mutual cooperation and respect will get you further than yelling, threatening, being irate, cussing, or disrespecting a representative or a supervisor on the phone. That will not make this process go any faster and it will only raise your blood pressure and get you riled up for nothing. You will get the same result: A FREE TV. Thank you and best of luck to you all. I will not be replying to any more posts.

      Comment by Jenny — January 22, 2008 #

    94. It doesn’t surprise me that Verizon is operating this way. Verizon is one of a long list of businesses that chose this business model when it comes to mail-in rebates, free gift offers, etc. This is an example of how a company’s best interest is at direct odd’s with a consumer’s. Think about it. A customer wants what he/she was promised: a TV, delivered pronto. But it’s in a business’s best interest to hold off as long as possible before sending it. Things depreciate in value every day (ESPECIALLY electronic gadgets). The same goes for mail-in rebates. Multiply a typical $50 mail-in rebate by millions, and just think of the interest being earned.

      My guess is that Verizon will wait until the very last minute. When they hear rumors of a class action suit brewing, the TV’s will magically appear :)

      Do I think it’s right/ethical? No. But I’m no longer surpised by these business tactics.

      Comment by Karl — January 23, 2008 #

    95. gg guys you managed to run off someone who was trying to help you. If you those of you call in a berate the customer service reps and you dont get a TV then you got what you deserve.

      Comment by Jason — January 23, 2008 #

    96. at first i had a hard time trying to log on and place my username and password but after a few tries i entered my username and password and recieved a confermaition # and will recieve my camcorder in 4-6 weeks

      Comment by candace — January 23, 2008 #

    97. OK! Well I don’t even know where to start- first let me state that I went onto Verizon’s site to research/Order their service. Their site told me MY HOME ADDRESS DOES NOT EXIST! So, ok I’ve only been living here for eight (8) years, so maybe I don’t know where I am! After several tries, I gave up, and found this site. WOW! How could I have forgotten? I used to have Verizon years ago, and all these postings brought back the NIGHTMARE(S) I used to go through with them! They TOTALLY ARE LIARS, and DO NOT KEEP THEIR WORD(S) no matter WHAT IT IS! Good to know they have not improved over the years. Maybe I should consider it a blessing that THEY TOLD ME MY ADDRESS DOES NOT EXIST! For sure would never have gotten ANYTHING from them, let alone a “FREE”? T.V. How DOES that old saying go again? It it’s too good to be true – It’s NOT TRUE! I have ambivilent feelings about Verizon’s “Jenny” I realize it’s not them, it’s THEIR COMPANY, and they are doing the best they can, under difficult circumstances. That being said, how can that be MY/OUR PROBLEM? You have to question the judgement of ANYONE who PERSISTS in continuing to work for such a company! Glad I found this site. It “Saved” me. Good Luck to one and All. (P.S.) To the person who NEVER RECEIVED SATISFACTION FROM VERIZON, what makes you think you have to WAIT TO LIVE OUT YOUR 2 YEAR CONTRACT? No fullfilment of committments – NO CONTRACT!!!

      Comment by Claire — January 23, 2008 #

    98. I received my letter with the unique username and password, and still cant get in. What is going on here?

      Comment by Alice — January 23, 2008 #

    99. We began our “FIOS” installation process on 12/12/07
      We were quite excited when told that Verizon was going to keep their word give us that 19″ HD TV as advertised. Just as we kept our word and accepted the “Triple Freedom” TV ,Phone, and Internet service plan. As of today 1/23/08 We have not heard from Verizon promotion dept.
      If we took this long to fulfill our promise in paying the bill…. Hummmmmm. Any way, I hope Verizon hasn’t bit off more than they can chew and swallow. So many TV’s so little time and technicians to process them all. Makes room for lot’s of very un happy customers. Hopefully we will have our TV before Christmas 2008.

      Comment by Karen — January 23, 2008 #

    100. Verizon has lost years of business from this now very unhappy customer – Verizon supposedly prides itself on being #1 in customer service. They failed with the age old TV offer scam. Action speaks for itself and Verizon has NOT acted. Contract renewal is not an option here.

      Comment by Patrick — January 24, 2008 #

    101. I received the free sharp tv and hooked it up to the hd fios set top box with the hdmi cable i got from the verizon installer. I get a “not compatible signal” on the tv. After 3 hours on the phone with technical support, they tell me that the verizon hd box does not work with the sharp tv in hd. The only way it works is with RCA cables. Are you kidding me! It all came from Verizon and they don’t work together! Can anyone help?

      Comment by KenBraganca — January 24, 2008 #

    102. I’M really excited about getting a chance to win a prize. I really hope this is true and not a scame because I was told it is!!!

      Comment by Deborah Hagmann — January 24, 2008 #

    103. I too have not received my free TV – service installed for triple play on Nov 15, 2007 – I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau – you can do this too – the more filed complaints the better – I have called Verizon billing and promotions a total of 18 times and have gotten a different response each time. I’ve spoken to supervisors, passed from one person to another, and hung up on – way to go Verizon – please file that complaint with BBB

      Comment by Diane — January 24, 2008 #

    104. Dear Claire
      Jenny and I do not work for Verizon. We work for a Third Party Business Solutions Company, that has a short term contract with Verizon. We offer call center services for this promotion. So in a couple months we will not be working on this project.

      Verizon also gives us very few resources. So if a customer calls in a wonders why we cant push a magical button that makes a TV remotely land in your lap from our cubicle, we have no authorization to do anything beyond data entry and fulfillment of customers already in the rewards system.

      If a Customer calls and they are not in the system, it is not our(those of us at the rewards center)fault. If you really want to bitch someone out bitch out someone who actually works for Verizon.

      Comment by Jason — January 25, 2008 #

    105. Add me to the list. Installed Triple-paly in November, numerous calls to Verizon, no reward card, no TV. Every rep I speak to is pleasant and helpful and asures me that I’m on ‘the list’ and qualified.

      Comment by Rob — January 25, 2008 #

    106. Just like Jenny who posted numerous times above, I worked at the Verizon Rebate Center until just recently. Every single thing that she said on here is true. I am not trying to defend Verizon because I do believe that they are poorly organized for this offer and they were understaffed until recently. A great deal of the people who signed up for this service in October and November are having to wait longer than they had originally expected. Those who signed up in December and January are having much more success. I think that it is important to remember that you are recieving a GIFT. And, yes, regardless of what you fools believe, you will recieve it. Class action lawsuits? Please, give me a break. I don’t mean to denigrate folks I don’t even know, but come on, use your heads. Verizon is not going to promise you a TV or camcorder or whatever and just not deliver. Yes, it is taking more time than you would like, so maybe you should go read a book or visit a museum. Anything than sit here and bitch all day.

      Comment by LLjeff — January 25, 2008 #

    107. For those of you who work for Verizon(or use to) that are responding to comments and questions, I wanted to start out by acknowledge your efforts and thank you for your help with our questions and concerns, more importantly for your time. Obviously, your not paid to respond to questions on this site.
      My question is regarding the information that is linked to each of our accounts. More specifically, if we call and continuously have problems, or if its something as simple as our choice of receiving the TV or gift card for this promotion, is there a “notes” section within a customers account that when pulled up by a representative past information can be viewed or new info can be added(for ex. call history, consistant problems with past service, possibly which rebate you may have chosen). Allowing representatives to be up to date with past issues or to make sure when the customer calls in with a concern, that it is noted and taken into consideration for future problems related or not. Thanks
      Ryan McCaffrey

      Comment by Ryan — January 26, 2008 #

    108. I don’t know what everyone was complainign about. Verizon triple bundle is still cheaper an dbetter than cable (comcast). as for the reward, I got a letter in three weeks after installation, went to the website and registered. I admit that I am not happy with the 6-8 weeks wating time for the Tv to arrive but I wouldn’t call it a scam. The problem with them is that they don’t have much customer service. They screwd up my installation.

      I waited three weeks for the installation and when it finally came they said that they had to reschedule and that it would be another three weeks until the next avilliable date. I yelled at them and told them that I would go to comcast then they patched me to the dispatcher who had time avilliable for the next day. funny how they go from fully booked to free the next day. hmm.

      Anyway, I got the letter and hopefully will get the TV much sooner than 6 weeks.

      Comment by Jake — January 29, 2008 #


      I had my Triple-play service installed on Nov 17th and was promised a free 19″ LCD TV. On Dec 14th I received a letter, but it was for a Double-play offer of a camcorder. I called the 866-279-0438 number and they advised me that they would be sending out a corrected offer letter for the TV. On Jan 15th I called to say that I still had not received the Triple-Play offer letter and they again said they would re-send the letter. Today (Jan 30th), I called back and this little prick advised me that my offer had expired. I told him that they never sent me a corrected letter and he stated that there is nothing further that that he can do for me.

      NOW I am pissed! I asked the CSR, Chip, for a supervisor and he told me that Christy Webb in his office said that here is nothing more that they can do for me. Their records showed that my original offer letter was for a TV…I told him I had the letter in my hand and it was definitely for a camcorder. It was like

      For some reason at this point, I asked him if the number I was calling was a Verizon office or a 3rd-party company and he advised me that they were a 3rd-party fulfillment company named Harte-Hanks.

      A-HA!!!!! These people causing all the problems are not even Verizon employees!!!

      I called my local Verizon customer service office in NY at 718-890-5161 to advise them of my problems. The Verizon rep was SOOOOO helpful!!!! She called Harte-Hanks and starightened the whole thing out for me in a matter of minutes!!!!

      Comment by Jebb — January 29, 2008 #

    110. I suggest people call the Better Business Bureau or Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint against Harte-Hanks Corporation. They are the third-party company that is creating all of these problems. They are the people answering the rewards line at 866-279-0438 and sending out the letters (or failing to send out, depending on your situation), NOT VERIZON EMPLOYEES!

      You can reach Harte-Hanks corporate customer service to lodge complaints at (800) 456-9748. Harte-Hanks is best-known for that annoying, sloppy piece of junk mail that we all get in our mailboxes every so often called “Penny Saver”. Well, obviously Harte-Hanks is staying true to their publication name and trying to save pennies by screwing Verizon customers! They need to stick to their direct-mail business and not rewards-fulfillment services.

      Additionally, you should contact your local Verizon customer service office and voice your discontent with Harte-Hanks’ handling of this promotion. Insist that Verizon immediately terminate Harte-Hanks as their fulfillment service.

      Trust me, if anyone should be filing a lwasuit, it should be Verizon filing a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Harte-Hanks for defamation of character resulting in cancelled Verizon customer accounts and loss of revenues to Verizon

      Comment by TruthSeeker — January 29, 2008 #

    111. My story with the free tv deal.

      Had my install done on 12/16.

      I accepted the agreement terms the same day.
      That should have kicked off the process to get my letter in the mail with my username and pw.
      As of today I still have not received my letter.
      Several calls to 866-279-0438. They kept saying they did not see me in the system. The problem was that I received a target gift card from the billing department because of my problems with my installation. (they never showed up without a phone call on my first install date). I never went on the website to redeem that reward thinking it would make me ineligable for the TV. (Also was told the same thing by several people in the billing department). This was incorrect, the reason why the letter was not being generated was because I had a pending promo on my account, apparently verizon only allows one pending promo at a time. I was told by the complaints department at 800-839-1788 that I should redeem the target card via the website, and that in turn will kick off the letter process. I did that yesterday 1/28. I called back today just to confirm that they see it processing, and they said they did. but it will take 4-6 weeks to process and send the letter out. What I don’t understand is if the original process kicked off when I accepted the terms of agreement, how could have it just “stopped” 2 weeks after. (The time that I was given the target card). complaints dept could not speed up the order. so I wait another 4-6 weeks. BTW…I have heard that the promo department is a thrid partry vendor verizon has hired as a call center for this. I don’t think they are verizon employees, thus the rude and “I don’t want to be here” tone of voice from the reps. The complaints department on the other hand was awsome and even called over to promo for me to straighten it out. Because promo is a vendor, I think thats why they don’t know anything about the orders if they don’t have them, they have no access to verizon’s database. Maybe another promo on people’s account is causing the delay of not being in the system, I’ll follow up when i get my letter in 6 weeks or if i do not, either way.

      Comment by derf — January 29, 2008 #

    112. Hi all,
      Just wanted to update my Jan 8 post, I received my camcorder today as promised. It arrived FedEx this afternoon. I have no complaints with Verizon, they kept up their end of the deal as far as I am concerned. I hope that everyone that is entitled will receive their free item.
      Thanks Verizon!

      Comment by Emily — January 29, 2008 #

    113. El Oh El
      Some people seem to be under the misconception that the employees of Harte-Hanks are the source of your issue in getting your rewards fulfilled.

      I think it is important for those of you who feel that way to know that the employees of Harte-Hanks are merely Data Entry. They have no way of verifying elidgability or making amendments or exceptions to account status or info, to expidite or circumvent the process.

      It is also important to know that at the beginning of the promotion there was a glitch that was not bundling the customers services together, which was resulting in two problems
      1. The customer is paying more on their monthly bill than what was stated on their contract and…
      2. The little digital red flag that is supposed to go up indicating to us that you are eligible for the promotion.
      Now Verizon has made it explicitly clear that we are not to send out a notification letter until Billing has verified with Harte-Hanks that the customer is eligible

      You can call the “Rewards Center”(Harte-Hanks) a dozen times a day for a month and it will not make a lick of difference until billing has corrected the account information to reflect eligibilty.

      SO to sum it all up if you have called the rewards center multiple times and you still have not recieved a letter, then there is a strong likelyhood that there is an issue in the billing department. SO if you really want to berate someone I’d start there first.

      But honestly if calling in and degrading an entry level data processor makes your day a little sunnier then you deserve nothing more than death by firey car accident. ffs

      Comment by yall r farkin nutz — January 30, 2008 #

    114. btw TruthSeeker

      I’m sure some employees of Harte-Hanks would love it if Verizon terminated their contract.

      From my experience and was I have seen Verizon is the most inept, disorganized, underhanded company. I pity those of you who have no choice but to cunduct their telecom business with such a foul organization.

      Comment by yall r farkin nutz — January 30, 2008 #

    115. Ok, it’s me again, I just had to respond to all the “customers” that are complaining about us at the fufillment house at Harte-Hanks. Let me just explain how the reward process works.

      After your service is installed, VERIZON sends your information to us to notify us to send a double play or triple play notification letter to you.

      If you do not receive that letter VERIZON refers you to call us at the fufillment house to check if you are in our system. You would only be in our limited database if a letter HAS been sent to you. Otherwise you would not be.

      After your information is submitted to us, we submit it to VERIZON to verify you are a customer, your address is correct and that you are eligible. We then wait for VERIZON to confirm this information so we can either issue you a notification letter or redeem your gift for you. This is the longest part of the process, having VERIZON send over the list of customers that are eligible for this offer. This can take weeks.

      We have no access to your accounts. We have no access to verifying if you are eligible. We are not allowed to contact VERIZON employees to comfirm information or eligibility. This is per request of VERIZON. We are not causing ANY of these issues. We are only FUFILLING these rewards. Again, we ARE NOT allowed to contact VERIZON. If it were that simple, we would simply call them and confirm your eligibility and redeem your gift for you on the spot. This is not the process that VERIZON is having us use.

      VERIZON us and its all our fault, but I assure you, if you can understand what a fufillment house is, the problems you may experience has nothing to do with us.

      Comment by Jenny — January 30, 2008 #

    116. Ryan-
      Thank you for your appreciation, unfortunately as I stated before, we do not have access to your account information, however we did just recently install a software system that VERIZON finally approved so we can document and collect information from every customer that calls the fufillment center (and ONLY the fufillment center!) about not receiving their letter yet. But like I said before, we have absolutely no communication with the other departments and are not able to access any comments or “notes” made by any other reps other than our own. If you have called us in the last week or two, the rep you talked to should have given you an entry ID number or reference number for your call that you can give if/when you call back to show your past calls and any actions taken or comments made about your reward. Unfortunately we cannot check the status of anyones reward letter or reward processing until it has actually BEEN SENT OUT. We have NO ACCESS to this information. If this is a problem for you, Verizon CAN fix it promptly and you have to call them because they will not allow us to. Silly right? I know…

      Comment by Jenny — January 30, 2008 #

    117. Jenny,

      Thanks for clearing that up for me. If I would have known that information, I would have never called the promo line after the first time. I don’t know whether the promo dept is allowed to tell me that info or not, but no one from that dept told me that, thus my many calls to them.

      question to you: After this has happened -”After your information is submitted to us, we submit it to VERIZON to verify you are a customer, your address is correct and that you are eligible. We then wait for VERIZON to confirm this information so we can either issue you a notification letter or redeem your gift for you.”

      Can the promo dept tell me they are waiting on verizon to confirm my info? Or will they not have that info available to them? I really just want to confirm that the process for my TV is underway, at this point I would be satisfied with that, I’ve come to terms with the fact I will not be receiving the TV until late April, early May. I just want to be sure that my process is underway. Any comments would be appreciated Jenny….thanks again

      Comment by derf — January 31, 2008 #

    118. Derf-
      If you have called us to resubmit your information within the last two weeks we should have record of your call and a reference number for you. Unfortunately the system we have does not show us a “pending” or “researching” status. It will only show us when something has been sent and we dont get that informtaion until Verizon sends it to us. But it will show the date you called in which is helpful because if it has been weeks since we submitted that information to billing for confirmation and we STILL dont have you in our system then there is another issue with your account that is preventing this offer from happening for you. In a case like that, you would need to call billing to see what the issue is. Like I said, this would only be in THE LAST 2 WEEKS, before then we did not have this software system and had no way to document calls. We were writing all of the submissions by hand and they went in stacks to be entered in by supervisors for submission. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

      Comment by Jenny — February 1, 2008 #

    119. Well, it is my honor to inform you all that there is a Verizon executive important enough to go around threatening peoples jobs, reading these comments.

      Although it would be imprudent to discuss anything further on the topic at hand, maybe this fly on the wall would like to explain some of the things that can be found on…


      On this site you’ll see a trend of dishonest a negligent behavior on Verizons behalf going all the way back to 2001.

      Another good non biased site would be…


      Notice the time stamp on the latest comment of both sites. There are complaints about verizon ranging from billing, tech and customer support.

      Ask yourself is a free TV worth all the crap that Verizon puts it’s customers through? Do they really deserve your money?

      Well I hope this information helps some of you. If you still wish to be a Verizon customer atleast you can be prepared for what your in for.

      I hear KY makes a new lubricant that warms and tingles…

      Comment by sunbeam — February 2, 2008 #

    120. Well Sunbeam, it seems you do like KY, you tried it didn’t you. Is not pathetic if people are claiming a TV that is rightfully offered by Verizon to receive it in a timely fashion. I read all comments about the TV not being delivered or the letters is not being submitted or not received by Verizon’s recipient. On Friday night, New Jersey residents got Fox 5 to look into their HDTV that was promised by Verizon and never received. Now they do have their HDTV. I know is a small HDTV, but its the principle behind all of this. Most people enrolled into the bundle offer, as least give them what they deserve. I am still waiting for the letter so I can claim, and been waiting since November, 2007 that was installed and activated. I thought I was receiving before christmas, I was wrong. Well, it is within a persons right to claim a promised offer. And no boss can actually fired any employees while they are trying to diffuse the situation. It is within a person First Amendment right, and if any of these employees trying to help out, they do have the First Amendment right to discuss anything after working hours. Besides, this is a blog. I have Verizon, and been a Verizon wireless customer for 7 years and not a problem with the cell phones. In fact, at the 911, Verizon cell phones were the only phones working at that time or the ordeal. I have the triple play bundle, and works fine and way better than CableVision, Time Warner, and Optimum. How about that. Now in January I spoke to someone in the eCenter or the Verizon promotion center, and they had to request for another letter. Would take 4 weeks, and still nothing. I guess I would have to call back to see what happened to the letter. First, is the letter, then the sign in to the website and claim your gift, and who knows when you would receive it.

      Comment by Jesse — February 3, 2008 #

    121. Jenny, the phone number that you posted in your earlier post is not the Verizon number? Because, when I do call it says Verizon Promotion eCenter or something like that. Doesn’t say Harte-Hanks.

      I did spoke to Verizon five days after I had my fios installtion done, back in November, 2007. They told me that I was eligible for the gift at hand. Now, how the process works is that on a spreadsheet, all eligibles will be in that list and delivered to your database, however, is not your fault if the customers name is not on that spreadsheet list, then it becomes Verizon’s problem. I think you should speak to your boss or supervisor to speak to Verizon, because according to them your company are in default sending the notification letter. It is a real bad hat harry.

      Comment by Jesse — February 3, 2008 #

    122. Well, reasonable actions can be effected by those who are indeed in dire need in getting their issues resolved. However, this issue will not be resolved in no time soon. Verizon are backed up with orders since October of 2007. This really makes no difference, when Verizon actually sends out the notification letters for those who are already eligible in January of 2008. The question here is when Verizon are going to start sending the notification letters for those who enrolled into the Triple Play FIOS service since back in October and November?

      Comment by Aspen — February 4, 2008 #

    123. Well I must say that I have been given this wonderful letter stating that if I switch back I would be given this 19″ TV, however after reading all these posts it seems I am no longer considering such an offer, I do not have the time or engery to allow myself to feel so frustrated over what a TV–As a company they really need to get it together-this is what they are paying their marketing dept for ????? digusted–

      Comment by Disgusted — February 4, 2008 #

    124. Jesse says:
      “Well Sunbeam, it seems you do like KY, you tried it didn’t you”

      WTF does this comment mean. It makes no fucking sense in context to my post. I am merely trying to warn people what they are in for as a Verizon subscriber regardless of any free shit they may be offering.

      Want to buy some reading comprehension?

      Comment by sunbeam — February 4, 2008 #

    125. Even if you do get the tv folks I hate to say it but verizon is currently out of the HD boxes and according to the people there I spoke to today, they will not have any boxes until the middle of March at the earliest. Sounds a little like bait and switch to me.

      Comment by Jonathan — February 5, 2008 #

    126. I suggest people call the Better Business Bureau or Attorney General’s Office to file a complaint against Harte-Hanks Corporation. They are the third-party company that is creating all of these problems. They are the people answering the rewards line at 866-279-0438 and sending out the letters (or failing to send out, depending on your situation), NOT VERIZON EMPLOYEES!

      The Complaints to the Better Business Bureau should be against Verizon. It is their offer and they contract to Harte-Hanks thus they have the responsiblity to oversee that the Offer is being fulfilled.

      At this point for me it’s been so long I am no longer holding out hope of getting a TV or a Best Buy certificate, I’m just counting down the days till I call Verizon to come get their crap out of my house..

      Comment by STILL NO TV — February 5, 2008 #

    127. I am not affiliated with Verizon, but I wish to help those who are having customer service issues with Verizon.

      If you are having issues with Verizon, and have not had it resolved after waiting at least two weeks…please contact me. Whether it is a customer service issue or a problem relating to the rebate, please contact me.

      E-mail me your first and last name, last four digits of your phone number, and your state of residence (where you get Verizon service). Please include the word ‘Verizon’ in your subject. E-mail me at VERIZONREBATE@gmail.com

      I am NOT affiliated with Verizon in any way, shape, or form. I am simply compiling information and will forward it to proper regulatory agencies.

      Thank you,
      Consumer Advocate

      Comment by ConsumerAdvocate — February 5, 2008 #

    128. Hi Jenny it’s Mark again, you know the immature pissed off customer. What i find disrespectful and dishonest is this whole operation your rebate center and Verizon offers. I was promised by your team a letter 3 months ago (I would say another 5 times inbetween that). I appologzie for the min wage comment but I am very upset with this whole deal (by the way I would not say that to a cop because I am one) Today I called again and finally got some kind of reference number (as Jenny stated, hi again Jenny). I don’t know if this will do much but I told the operator I wanted the best buy card, which I was told would come faster…I’m at a loss for words for this whole b.s. deal and actually willing to go back to Optimum after this whole mess is done (they offered to pay my cancellation fee as I was originally an optimum online customer). Anyway, sorry Jenny for being a butt head, wanna go for coffee? =)I’m gonna wait patiently, but if I don’t get anything by the end of the year i’m going to bang my head on the computer screen and sue verizon and your rebate center for mental/physical anguish…

      Comment by Mark Again — February 6, 2008 #

    129. Hello ConsumerAdvocate,

      If you’re not affilated with Verizon, then with who are you affiliated with. I mean you’re calling yourself as a consumer advocate. I really don’t know you, and don’t know what you’re going to do with the information, if any, that people may submit to you. I know I will not email you because I don’t know you. This is an easy forum to get personal information. Please don’t take it the wrong way, I am just making a true point of view. You may mean well, but people should not take advantage of others either. I do know plenty of regulatory agencies that will handle situations like this for every state. I would suggest for people to speak with their community leaders for advisement. If you like to take an action or allow a regulatory agency to be aware of the problem, then you may want to copy and paste this entire forum and submit it.
      Peace, my brother.

      Comment by Jesse — February 12, 2008 #

    130. to Jesse:

      Very true. And I understand your point. I simply offered to collect info and forward it on.

      Anyone may send me their information. If you do not feel confortable…than do one of two things.
      Directly contact your Public Utilities Commission or Board of Public Utilties (find their number on your phone or tv bill). Next, contact the State Attorney General’s Office in your State.

      Thank you. Again, you are more than welcome to e-mail me your first and last name, last four digits of your phone number, and your state of residence (where you get Verizon service). Please include the word ‘Verizon’ in your subject. E-mail me at VERIZONREBATE@gmail.com

      Comment by ConsumerAdvocate — February 12, 2008 #

    131. I’d like to add to this. Maybe more people are having the same problem.
      My install was Nov. 28,2008 and as of this date I still have not recieved the promotional “confirmation number” The reabate center also shows no “confirmation number.
      In December I checked w/ the rebate center as to the whereabouts of my Sharp LCD or $200.00 gift card from Best Buy. They advised me there was no information entered on my account. They took the necessary info that day and said I would recieve the confirmation number by mail in 3-4 wks. Called the rebate center again in late January and again nothing showing. They asked for my info again and advised me the process would start all over again (3-4 wk. wait) So I did not provide my info and gave it some more time. Feb. 5 I called Verizon Billing. Billing looked up my records and asked if I had agreed to the Terms of Service. I said I’m sure I did, I’ve been billed 2 months already for the package required to qualify for this rebate offer. She then suggested and assisted me with going to the Verizon website TOS logging on to my account and again agreeing to the TOS, which now I did again. ( Incidentally, I asked does this mean my 2 year contract for this Triple Freedom Pkg. starts as of Feb. 5, and yes she said it starts again. To me it now is a 26 month contract). I was advise to check in 1 week to make sure a “confimation number” is entered onto my account. I did call today and the rebate center still has nothing. I called Verizon Billing and there is nothing there. I was told to wait 3-4 wks. again and if at that time nothing showed they would start the process all over again.
      I would think that if I accepted the initial Triple Freedom Pkg. in Nov. 2008 and have been paying for it that I have agreed to a TOS.
      I recently saw a news broadcast on Channel 7 eyewitness news, 7 On Your Side,showing some others who never received the promised offer. That story concluded with them getting there reward immediately. Resolution for those people seems to come extremely quick when Verizon’s incompetance in fulfilling this offer is shown to televison veiwers.

      Comment by John — February 12, 2008 #

    132. To John, I know what you mean. Mine was installed and activated since Nov. 20, 2007, oh you have mistaken on the year, :-) . Anyway, I did called Verizon, and told me that I am eligible, they transferred my call to eCenter. They also gave me their phone number to call. They also told me there is nothing. So I gave it some time until January, 2008, they reordered the letter. It would take 4 – 6 weeks, 5 weeks passed and they told me to call back in two weeks to see if I am in the system. Yes, it is true, they were fast in giving the hdtv when others never received the hdtv. How ironic.

      Comment by Jesse — February 14, 2008 #

    133. John,

      I have had the same issue’s you have. I’ve posted before cntrl f and search “Mark” and you can read my story. Anyway, i’m contacting 7 on your side also to see what they can do for me. I purchased this and my installation date is November 09, 2008. Verizon has the worse cusomter service I have ever scene. They claim to be number 1????? Like I said, as soon as I get my t.v. I’m going back to optiumum baby!!!!! Verizon Blows!

      Comment by Mark Again — February 14, 2008 #

    134. I think something should be done to stop this scam that verizon is running. I was hooked up on Nov.15, 2007 and still no T.V in sight, just false promises. Everytime I call, they tell me it will be another 6-8 weeks. Someone should be able to help us. Laura February 14, 2008

      Comment by Laura — February 14, 2008 #

    135. Laura, Did they tell you log on to http://www.verizon.net/(something goes here) and log in to agree to the 2 year terms and conditions? Call up verizon help and ask them what the website is. They said that is the main reason why the people who signed up in nov/dec did not get it yet. We were not properly notified. Regardless, even with that process some peopel has still not received notification. Blah….ugh…I feel like nothing can be done. I’m gonna write to Better Business Bureau. I already contact some class action attorney’s and I should be hearing back from them soon.

      Comment by Mark Again — February 15, 2008 #

    136. I am a long time Verizon (12-15 years) customer and for as long as I could remember their service was better than anyone else’s, but over the past 2 years I have grown to hate anytime that I have an issue with Verizon that I need to contact them to fix.

      About a year ago I canceled my Wireless service because that division had become so clueless about how to offer customer service. I gave up better reception for better service. I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on service times getting close to $1,000, but it the product was good and it made work communication great. I had one small issue that I tried to resolve and it took me months of long wait calls, we will get back to you and finally we can’t help you answers from Verizon, before I finally switched. No I have service at the “least dropped calls” company, which that is a joke, but when I have an issue I get quick fixes and the customer service reps seem glad to help and that is worth more than anything, so occasionally I loose a call or two, it is easy to hit re-dial and only loose a minute or two. I miss the hours(days) I spent on hold waiting for a customer service representative and talking to a computer that took for ever to register a response more and I am also angry about being treated like a piece of dirt.

      On the home front I am have not ditched Verizon yet and I just singed up for FiOS and am experiencing the same as everyone else here. If things are clear on how to get the TV when they arrive to install I am going to cancel or decline to sign the contract. Just in case they can’t deliver this information or the TV to me I am also going to line up Comcast for the following day and go with their triple play and just quit Verizon all together. At least that way I know my money won’t go to help pay Mr. Ivan G. Seidenberg’s $8.2 million pay and compensation package next year.

      Comment by Sean — February 15, 2008 #

    137. This is a further follow-up to my post of 12/20/07.
      My Fios Triple Play was installed on Oct 24th 2007. accepted the TOS shortly thereafter. I have called Verizon Billing, Customer Service, and Rewards Center numerous times since then. I Emailed Verizon Customer Advocacy and STILL have not received my rewards letter. It’s been 16 weeks since my installation!! I have now taken to writing letters to Verizon Execs and haven’t heard anything yet. The thing that really upsets me is even if a letter is mailed I will still be at the bottom of the waiting list!
      Customers from Oct & Nov who were caught in this fiasco should be given priority treatment….most of us have already waited our 13 weeks.
      It burns me up that people who were installed in January have already received their TV’s and I haven’t even received the letter that will still require a 10 week wait for the product!

      Comment by George H — February 16, 2008 #

    138. I had my fios installed on the 21st of January. The technician was very professional. I had a problem with my first bill which was handled professionaly. Today the 16th of February I received my form letter for me to go to the web site and enter my username and password. NO luck, I will try the 866 number on Monday morning. I will say the TV reception is 100% better than Comcast and the internet is great. My son’s are on direct TV ,after seeing the FIOS they are going to change. The free TV is no problem.

      Comment by tom — February 16, 2008 #

    139. Hey folks, You must have had a TV in service at the time of installation. It takes a while for the ship to get in from CHINA to deliver our TVS.
      If it’s FREE isn’t worth while waiting for. My grand kids can’t wait to get mine in order to play their games. My 42 inch TV is like sitting in a movie house with the FIOS service.

      Comment by BOMBER..Pennsy — February 16, 2008 #

    140. I’ve been trying to get through to get my tv but am not able to do so

      Comment by cecilia — February 16, 2008 #

    141. People are not being logical and reading the terms and conditions. TVs and any other promotional gifts are mailed out 10 to 12 weeks after the install of all of the services are installed and the terms and agreements are signed online! You can also go to the below website or call the number to help the process but you still have to make sure that you signed the agreement online. Almost all of these comments above are because these people are careless and dont know what they are doing anyway so pull your heads out of your butts and stop whinning and do what you terms and conditions tell you, and yes that means you will have to read!


      call 1-866-279-0438

      Comment by Bryan — February 20, 2008 #

    142. Bryan,

      Not true at all.
      My agreement was signed online the day of the install, and I should have received my letter 2-4 weeks after that, as per the promo. Funny its been over 9 weeks now and no letter. The people that are complaining on this site are not complaining that the TV hasn’t shown up at their doorstep within 6 weeks, they are complaining about not getting the letter with the password to get the TV. If I was waiting for the TV, and had received the letter already, we wouldn’t be on this site complaining. 9 weeks and no letter…I knew from the getgo that the TV delivery would not happen for a while after I received the letter, problem is I didn’t get the letter. So 9 weeks + 10-12 weeks after I submit for the promo is 19-21 weeks…I think you are the one that should be do some reading not us.

      Comment by derf — February 21, 2008 #

    143. I spoke to 6 different verizon people today and received many different answers concerning promos. I was confussed so I decided to check out the web. Glad I did, I don’t think I’ll be switching because today it cost me about 2 hrs on the phone. Time can’t be replaced and verizon people are being paid for their time and waisting ours. I will be paying a little more for the service I have now but I won’t be waisting valuable my time. It is an age old saying ………..”NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE”

      Comment by Mischele Diebold — February 22, 2008 #

    144. I jus tlike to inform those have not yet received their notification letter since the installation and the activation occurred on Nov/Dec. I fall into that category too. The reason you have not received your notification letter is because the Verizon Online Center for Promotional Offers does not have you in their database system. However, they can issue another request for the notification letter and that will take approximately 4-6 weeks and thereafter, you may find out if you are in the system. This can continue on and on. For those who are still waiting, I suggest for you to call Verizon Billing Department to find out what happened. In my case, they have messed up my account charging the full amount. I called and advised them that I enrolled into the Triple play with the 19″ HDTV offer. This is what they told me when they looked up into my account. The adjustment was not made to reflect that I did in fact enrolled into the Triple Play and they fixed it. Another reason for the notification letter is that, when I went to http://www.verizon.net/fiosbundleterms I suppose to agree to all the terms for the FIOS Bundle of the Triple Play, then two weeks after that a notification letter will be sent out. However, Verizon representative informed me that the reason I did not received the notification letter was due to the terms of service was rejected, and they don’t know why that occurred. Sure I am also getting frustrated, but what can we do, nothing, but wait. So I suggest that for you to call Verizon Billing Department raather complaining to the Verizon Online Center for Promotional Offer, or Harte Hanks. They really can’t do nothing. The only people that can fix all of this is Verizon per se.

      Comment by Jesse — February 22, 2008 #

    145. I`ve been waiting to here from someone about the tv.

      Comment by janice behring — February 26, 2008 #

    146. I had my fios installed on friday feb. 22. I am writing to request the 19″ T.V.

      Comment by Ricardo C. Puig — February 26, 2008 #

    147. I got my fios triple play installed on jan 16th and waited for weeks for my letter with my password for the free 19 inch tv which never came. i called the service center who in turn ordered the tv for me over the phone and gave me a conformation number and told me the tv would be here in 6 to 10 weeks. i guess im one of the lucky ones. as for the service im very impressed. the picture quality is better than my old satellite ever was and i love the internet speed. i think if some folks just try and stay calm with these customer service reps they will get a lot farther than someone who is yelling and screaming!!

      Comment by john — February 28, 2008 #

    148. I live in NJ and am in the same boat as everyone here. Posting here will not do much – everyone should call or contact the state division of consumer affairs to report Verizon’s bait and switch offer. It is a better way to get something done.

      The web site has a complaint form you can fill out, or you can call the number below.

      (973) 504-6200 Consumer Hotline
      (800) 242-5846 (toll free, New Jersey only)

      Comment by Brian D — February 28, 2008 #

    149. I’m in the Tampa Florida promotion area and had the Triple Play installed on 12/3/07. After many attempts to get a respounce from Verizon I finally was directed to this number 866-279-0438. They gave me a case number and a 4 to 6 week waiting period. I look every day for my letter, if at the end of the waiting period nothing arives I’m to call them back. I was led to this site looking for any class action suites being filled.

      Comment by Gregory Gaston — February 28, 2008 #

    150. i ordered tripple play on 1-22-08 i was told i would get the free tv i waited and after 1 month i called the number i kept getting the run around so i got the number 1-866-279-0438 i called all day it was busy so the next day i called the number on my phone bill and told them to cancel my order. well when i said that the girl told me hold on and we had a three way call i am surpose to get a letter in two weeks .if any body calls for the tv make sure you get a comf# ….the first time i called i was told thay put it in the system so when i called the second time i got the number and was told if i didnt get the comf# then it didnt go in the system…if you want go to www22.verizon.com log on and then click on top bundles that will take you to the place to place your order. just make sure you print everything out or thay will say thay didnt get a order…i have 2 more weeks to go it takes 4 weeks to get the letter if i dont get my letter in that time i will cancel all. so i will let you know what happens.

      Comment by frances datres — February 28, 2008 #

    151. http://rewards.verizon.com/V2/UI/WebUserPages/Index.aspx
      this website will let you enter your username and password

      Comment by c banes — February 29, 2008 #

    152. Brian, I am also from NJ and I just filed a complaint with the state division of consumer affairs. I did it online and it was very easy.

      I am waiting since November to get my TV and just got a letter in the mail today about it. The letter explains everything I already know; I don’t have my TV yet and won’t have it for a while.

      Then it gets humorous. The letter says, and I quote: “The good news is – you may not have to wait!” It then provides me with options of receiving a Magnavox TV (instead of the Sharp) in 4 weeks or a Best Buy card in 2-4 weeks.

      I’m not sure what Verizon’s definition of “wait” is.

      The whole ordeal is kind of nauseating. I especially like the post by LLJeff some time ago defending Verizon by calling this a “gift”. It is not a “gift” if it is part of a contract obligation, Einstein.

      Comment by Ken — March 1, 2008 #

    153. I am wondering what is going on. I have special password and user name numbers and you wont even accept them. I have a confirmation number for the tv and now you say it will be longer . What is going on. Roycew

      Comment by royce walker — March 3, 2008 #

    154. I booked my install day before thanksgiving. Guy never showed and was told they gave them the afternoon off. I told them i wanted to be compensated. They said they would credit me $100. Just got the refund!

      TV – so far nothing. I am sooooooooo disappointed since I had them leave the extra box that I have been paying on!

      Now to substitute a Magnavox! I don’t think so. I don’t even know if the TV will be an Aquos or a custom one made for Verizon.

      I am also disappointed that my triple pay bill is no where near $99. When you add all the rental fees, taxes etc it’s more like $175! Not such a deal but hey they drilled holes in my roof and I con’t fix em!

      I will switch when my time is up. They said if I cancelled now I would owe them the contractual money since it’s a 2yr deal. They hold me what about us getting our credit and tv?!!!!

      Keep the info flowing here.

      Comment by Nancy — March 6, 2008 #

    155. Looks like a lot of people are going through what I’m going through! I had the bundle installed on Dec 14, 2007 it is now march 8th and I still have not recieved my letter that they said I would recieve in 3 weeks for my Hdtv. I have called them about 10 times talked with the supervisor twice and still haven’t got the letter. I think I’m going to give up! they called me offering methis package so I switched. I sure get the bill on time for the past 3 months but I have not recieved the letter for the HDTV. What a rip off!! And I have had my house phone with verizon for 17 years!!! I think it’s time for a change!

      Comment by Teresa — March 7, 2008 #

    156. I have been going around and around with Verizon as well. Without their help (but with the help of people on this site), I have finally figured it out. After your fios bundle is installed, whether it is a triple play or double play………you must log on to this website: http://www.verizon.net/fiosbundleterms ……and electronically sign their “Terms of Service”. Your username and password on this site is the same one you use to sign onto your verizon e-mail account (the main e-mail account in the case of multiple e-mail addresses). They did not tell me about the “Terms of Service” website when I bought their service, nor did the tech who installed the service mention signing electronically. Anyway, once you sign the “Terms of Service” agreement, your rewards letter is automatically generated and mailed to you. I received my letter exactly 2 weeks later. This letter, as stated in previous posts, gives you a unique username and password in order to claim your TV, camcorder, or gift card. My suggestion is to sign the agreement and then one or two weeks later (if you have not received your letter) call 866-279-0438. Tell them you have not received your letter…….they will look up your account and offer to “order” your reward for you……basically eliminating the need for the letter. REMINDER…..they will only find your account if you have signed the “Terms of Service” agreement. I actually placed my “order” with a customer service rep and she gave me a confirmation number to refer to if I needed to call back. Coincidentally, my letter showed up in the mail the next day. Out of curiosity, I logged on with my unique username and password and they actually have my reward status listed. You can continue to refer to the site to check the status of your reward once you have “ordered” it. I really hope this helps most of you and I agree….Verizon did a terrible job with this offer!

      Comment by Mary — March 9, 2008 #

    157. Wow, I didn’t realise Verizon had done this to thousands of people.. I had my installation on Dec 15th or so in NJ. No sign of the rewards form so I called late January and was told I had never been set up correctly with Triple Play. Rep told me all would be fixed after a two hour call.. Its now March and I called again last week and was told that I wasnt set up still for triple play, so after and hour on the phone got some good help and a few days later got a call saying the rewards letter is in the mail. Tonight I am reading the problems with delivery of the Sharp TV. I rented an extra HD box which I have been paying for with no tv to hook it up to!!
      Also my rate was orginally about $134 including tax and boxes but now its up to $155 according to the last csa I spoke to.. Of course Verizon has no record of what I signed up for.
      I have been overbilled for the past two months seperately from three companies online, tv and internet becuase through no fault of my own I wasn’t set up correctly.

      The speed of the internet is better than comcast so far, I do not think the HD is as crisp as Comcast and the company is obviously clueless or doesnt care about customer service.. What a farce when you look at the Verizon Wireless adds on tv!
      hopefully things will get better..

      Comment by Tim Dewey — March 9, 2008 #

    158. hi i have been trying to do the i agree to bundle but i can not fine it. i call for a code bot i do not see a code on this bill or a password

      Comment by ira senatus — March 10, 2008 #

    159. I agreed to order Verizon FIOS TV service when I learned I could get a free HDTV and a discount on that service. It turned out that I was told, as part of the agreement that it would be 3 weeks until I received a letter from Verizon that enabled me to obtain that HDTV. It has been 4 weeks now and I’ve been told, when I phoned Verizon, that it would be another 3 weeks wait. I never signed up to wait 6 weeks. I signed on and accepted a 3 week wait for the letter. I am writing to the state attorney general’s office requesting that Verizon must give me a day of free Fios TV service for every day they delay in getting me that letter that goes over the first 3 week wait. So, for their breaking their agreement, they get to pay for their service. I urge everyone out there to do the same thing, unless a group wants to form a Class and file a Class Action suit in Federal Court for false advertising and breach of contract. This giant telecommunications company should not be allowed to make promises and then fail to deliver on their promises while they keep taking our money.
      Neil Willens

      Comment by Neil Willens — March 11, 2008 #

    160. Tim,
      Had a similar experience. Got the triple play installed in Nov. Told I should receive the free tv in 4-6 weeks. In Jan, I hadn’t received anything yet so I called and was told I was never set up correctly so my info was never forwarded to the Rewards dept. Told that it was fixed and I should receive the letter in 4-6 weeks.

      No letter. Called back around 4 weeks or so and was rebuffed. Essentially told to keep waiting and not call back until 6 weeks was up.

      6 weeks came and went and no letter. Called up and was told that I wasn’t in the system. Now I’m being given the run-around where the Rewards dept is blaming the billing dept, and vice versa.

      Consumer loses.

      Comment by bill m — March 11, 2008 #

    161. Hi – I have my Fios installed on Jan 22. They were supposed to install it on Jan 16 but the installed guy never showed up or called! I took a day off and waited until 1pm and had to call them, waited for “ONE hour plus” on the phone just to find out that no one was coming! I asked to speak with the supervisor in the billing department and they gave me a first month free. (I suggested your guys to talk to “billing department” instead of “customer service department.” They seem to be smarter and can actually “DO” things for you. Of course always ask for a supervisor or you will be wasting your time with most idiots on the phone. I usually just say, this is not my first time complaining so I would like to speak with a supervisor please.) After 2 months passed, I have just received letter regarding a free TV today. Fortunately, I didn’t have problems YET but we’ll see. Not sure if anyone has tried this but I used Cable Vision before cancelling it to get Fios because of the free TV. When I cancelled my service with Cable vision, the customer service offered me to PAY FOR CANCELLATION FEE if I am not satisfied with Verizon and decide to go back to them! I think this is a nice option for your guys to keep in mind. They are competitors so they will try to do everything they can to keep you. :) Another thing is that Verizon is now offering free HBO for 3 months so make sure you take advantage of this offer and cancel it at least “2 weeks” before the offer ends!

      Comment by Ammi — March 11, 2008 #

    162. Hello. After seeing the many people who have been constantly screwed by Verizon I had to put up my story on here too. ( you know just in case of a lawsuit gotta have my name on the books you know LOL) I had service installed on Jan 28th. Two days later received a call FROM verizon saying that I would recieve a letter within the next couple of days to go online and register for my t.v. It is now March 12 and still no letter and no T.V. Also a customer service rep called me and asked me if I wanted my t.v. or a 200.00 WALMART card. I AM APPALED!!!!!!!! All of you were at least offered gift cards to best buy they offered me a gift card to WALMART. And that is soooo F**KED up!!!!!

      Comment by Andre Guyton — March 12, 2008 #

    163. I have no problems with the actual Verizon service and the installation was easy and the tech was very helpful and even called back two days later to just check up on me and see if my service was fine.

      But the promotion thing is borderline ridiculous. I called today since I had my service set up in January of 08. I had not received my letter. I got a rep on the phone who told me that apparently they were never notified about my signing up. So the guy says he will take some info from me and send it over to billing to verify that I qualify for the promotion.

      He then tells me it will take 3-4 weeks to get something back from billing and then they will send out the letter.

      3-4 weeks? That’s just absurd. I didn’t have time to argue with the guy so I said thanks and hung up. It’s not his fault so I wasn’t going to take it out him.

      Anyone have any suggestions for how to get this fixed? I find it absurd that Verizon screwed up this in the first place then tell me it will take another 3-4 weeks on top of the 2 months I have already waited for this promotion. Knowing it was a screw up on their part, wouldn’t they want to rectify it right away? I realize how dumb a question that is!

      Comment by Goofy — March 14, 2008 #

    164. Is there an attorney who would like to start a lawsuit against verizon there are a lot of people who would sign on.

      Comment by fed up — March 19, 2008 #

    165. Is there anyone out there who has actually received their HDTV? My triple play was installed the first week of November and I’m still waiting! Forget the 3 to 4 week wait time. Can’t even begin to estimate how many hours I have wasted on the phone trying to expedite getting the reward letter. And then, if you get a reward letter, you have to wait 8 weeks for the tv!!! I’m ready to switch back to comcast.. Maybe they will pay the cancellation fee. I’m furious that I fell for this one!

      Comment by Beth — March 20, 2008 #

    166. Looks like I am joining a group Fios installed on February 7th. Many problems but many of them my lack of savvy. Got on a first name basis with tech support who were helpful. No word about the free TV. No letter, no nothing.
      Comment by Ralph

      Comment by Ralph Parks — March 21, 2008 #

    167. I added the FIOS bundle back on 12/15/07. by 1/7/8 I tried to loggin to fer my free concord camera, off course the loggin password did dnot work it said is was over due..I called Verizon and the CSR told me they were fixing it and I was going to resend a new paswrod code. as of today–no letter, no apologies, nothing, I think Verizon is just using false advertising to get to dummy customers like me., hate to call them on the phone, they leave on hiold forever.
      Another frustrated= Nyorker. Will try one more time before i cancel them out.

      Comment by BSL — March 21, 2008 #

    168. I had install on jan 3rd & just got letter today after hours & hours on the phone not just about free tv but i had no service twice already, once for 2 days including my phone line…there was kink in the line in apartment upstairs? also my bill has never been correct, every mo i have to call to get my triple discount beacause they say i never agreed to terms of service which i have & even had a supervisor do it as well, still being overbilled, lets not even discuss page 6, 3rd party calling charges, hello? they said i must’ve signed up for contest & agreed to 13.00 a mo for voice mail? i already have voice mail with verizon.. what a scam…had to put 3rd party block…now i have to wait 6-10 more weeks for tv we’ll see….much anxiety from verizon…

      Comment by kelly h — March 22, 2008 #

    169. For whatever this is worth, I was just told by the Verizon Promotions Department (1-866-279-0438 option 4) that the letter detailing this offer is mailed six weeks after installation for any installation completed after February 1st, 2008.

      Oh – BTW, if you thought your cable company was bad at customer service, you really have no idea how bad it can be until you have dealt with Verizon. The devil you know is always better than the one you don’t……

      Comment by Ian Robertson — March 24, 2008 #

    170. Seven weeks after installation and ten or more after the Verozon representatives came to my door offering FIOS and the Triple Play Bundle, I received a letter staing that I could receive my camcorder in three easy steps.
      Now, I was never offered a camera, and since a 19″ HDTV was too small, I opted for the $200 gift card to Best Buy to out toward a larger HDTV. So, I called, and I waited. I finalls spoke to Charles Kelly who said he could not help me as Verizon hired out to a company called “Hart Hank,” and he gave me their number (866-279-0438). Now, the representative, Therese, to whom I spoke said there must have been a mistake, and my Best Buy gift card should arrive in 4-6 weeks. I told her that it was unacceptable since I already waited seven weeks. She put me through to a “supervisor.” Strike 1!
      Ariel, the supervisor, told me that I made a mistake. Now, aside from this being glaringly rude and presumptuous, she was wrong as even if I did accidentally say “TV” when I meant to say “$200 gift card,” to the representative, who goes by the name of “Q’ since his name is hard to pronounce, I couldn’t have made the mistake since a camcorder was not even offered.
      Strike 2 Verizon! Oh, and by the way, Ariel never heard of “Hart Hank” the company with whom I was supposedly in contact. Strike three!
      I asked Ariel to put me in contact with her boss. She said she had no boss. SO, I asked her to transfer me to the office to whom her department must answer. She claimed there was no such office. I asked her, “who hired you?” You can guess that there was no answer; she was peeved and getting condescending, unhelpful, and snippy in her tone. Finally she transferred me to the billing department as it was from them that they got their information. My call was then dropped.

      I called customer service back. Monica said the gift card would come in 2-4 weeks (their information is never consistent). This woman transferred me back to the Rewards department supervisor, not Ariel this time, but Melissa (employee # 284296). Melissa was a repeat of Ariel, and she also transferred me to billing; she gave me the number since i asked for it in case the call was dropped again.
      Raymond at billing sounded as if he was Indian; he was very difficult to understand, and he seemed to have great difficulty understanding me. I think he was actually in India, but I think that was just me feeling like I was in a foreign country…maybe not.
      I spoke to about five more people, some were angry, some were sympathetic but unhelpful. I decided to give it a rest before a ruptured a blood vessel.

      Today, exactly two weeks later, I checked the status of my reward which, by the way, is more like a punishment. My account indicated that my “$50 Best Buy Card” was “pending.”

      Now, I’m ready to cancel, get on board with a class-action suit, scream bloody damnation, etc. However, I called; I waited fifteen more precious minutes, and I am told that there was indeed a mistake, that they’d “try” to stop the latest reward of 50 bucks, but that if they couldn’t succeed, I’d have to send it back, and then I’d have to wait another 6-10 weeks for the correct one.

      Why all the detail? Because this is just a taste of the hellish experience Verizon will put you through if you sign up. Sorry, but I feel a little better thinking that I’ve convinced someone to stay away.

      Comment by CCLAY — March 24, 2008 #

    171. I will recommend all of you to call BILLING department and ask to SPEAK with SUPERVISORS. Sound really dumb but ask for discount and tell them about how unhappy you are about their service. Keep on asking until they give you discounts you want. Part of my job at work is to call Verizon and correct bills every month so this is the only way that I found that actually is worth your time of calling them. (Better get something out of the frustration, right?)

      This should be new word in English dictionary.


      Comment by Ammi — March 24, 2008 #

    172. Amazing, I have been running around in circles. I ordered the Fios Triple package and was told I qualified for the 19″ LCD HDTV. My installation was completed on 2/18/08. I have repeatedly called Verizon where I continue to get the run around. One day I am told I have to wait 3 – 4 weeks to get a letter with information on how to redeem my promotional offer and that I should call 866-279-0438 for future status. Yesterday after an hour on the phone I get a person at the number above who tell me that I have to call 866-Verizon for assistance. I spent another 45 minutes going through various menu prompts which led nowhere. Today I spend 90 minutes and get someone again at 866-279-0438. The person informs me that her department has to wait until they get information from their billing department about my eligibility for the promotion. After they receive notification it take eight weeks to sent out my letter informing me how to redeem my promotional TV. After I receive the letter I am to go to a web-site and redeem my TV to wait another 10 weeks to receive my offer. I have not been able to find any documentation explaining the process and every time you actually get a live person on the phone you get a different story… DO YOU THINK I AM PISSED.

      Comment by Valentin — March 25, 2008 #

    173. I signed up for the triple play Jan 11, 2008. Verizon told me I am not eligible for the free HDTV because I have 5mbps internet service with them instead of 15mbps. They told me if I paid $10.00 dollars more a month at the time of my installation I would have qualified for the free HDTV. I did call back sometime in jannuary and spoke to someone there who told me the speed of the internet service has nothing to do with it. After talking to a supervisor today he told me I needed 15mbps of internet service at the time of installation and that I don’t qualify for anything. I live in P.A and he informed me the offer for the free video camcordor was only avalible in the western states. He said he would credit my account for $50.00 dollars and that would be the only thing he could do and was sorry. I had never received my letter for the free HDTV so I went on line and clicked on the 2yr agreement just to get the letter sent out faster. Verizon is scamming the public I told him and I’ll be waiting for a class action lawsuit. against them.

      Comment by DON — March 25, 2008 #

    174. I had my triple play installed on December 11th. After numerous calls to both the Rewards Center and Billing, I was finally told that I should receive the poat card by the end of the week. The only problem is, that was 2 weeks ago. I wonder, at the end of which week will I get the post card. Is it a week that occurs during 2008? I am not holding my breath, and I am tired of banging my head against the wall on the phone with these people. I guess that’s what they’re hoping for, we all give up and go away.

      In addition to the same BS all of you have complained about, NOT ONE SINGLE THING ABOUT THE INSTALLATION OF ALL 3 SERVICES WENT SMOOTHLY. I am stunned. It seems as though Verizon has never had a new customer, never installed phone service, never installed DSL service, and has no idea how to service a customer. Did they just hire a boatload of morons to answer the phone. Nobody knows anything. This is certainly not what I expected from the largest communications provider. The decision to switch all of my services to Verizon has to be one of the biggest mistakes I ever made and I look forward to the day my contract is up so I can correct it.

      Good Luck to all!

      Comment by Bob in NJ — March 25, 2008 #

    175. RE: Comment by derf — January 29, 2008 #

      Just an update on my ongoing saga

      About 2 weeks ago I finally received an automated call saying to look for a letter in the mail regarding your free TV. Finally! But 2 weeks have come and gone no letter, so I call Promo Department,1-866-279-0438 and let them know I still haven’t received the letter, they say they still don’t see me in the system and to call the eligibility dept at 1-866-837-4966. The lady looks into my account and says she just submitted it and to wait an hour and call promo dept back to see if they can see it…well I wait and call back promo, they still can’t see me, and the lady said that it may take 48 hrs after they submit to get to promo. I’m going to wait 48 hrs and call back, I do believe that I will get the letter because of the phone call. I think I was put on the right track on the 29th, of jan, when i called 800-839-1788 which is complaints, they pick right up and make some phone calls for you so anyone who hasn’t tried that number should….they pick up right away almost no hold time. I’ll be following up again..

      Comment by derf — March 25, 2008 #

    176. Hate to be repetitive – but my experience was the same as I’ve seen many many times posted above: FIOS was installed November 28, 2007 under Triple Play and HDTV offer. There was confusion about signing the agreement. I have made over 25 phone calls, have wasted probably 40+ hours on the phone. I feel sorry for the reps because each of them has been nice, has helped me move to next requirement (such as signing the agreement online) and each of them tells me that I qualify for the TV, but somehow I’m not on the list to receive a letter and they add me to the list during the call. When I call back 1-2 weeks later to check, I’m now told the same thing: I’m not on the list but they will push my name forward. The rep today tried to connect me to a supervisor and we waited for at least 30 minutes. Finally, she emailed a supervisor and told me supervisor will call me tomorrow. Other promised phone calls have not materialized, so I’m not holding my breath. However, I did call our local Washington DC ABC station consumer advocate program “7 ON Your Side” to please look into this problem, and later discovered that the New York ABC affiliate worked on this issue several months ago for someone in their area. Perhaps calling your ABC station and asking them to do a large scale investigation might shame Verizon to produce. This sure is starting to feel like a scam to me!

      Comment by Linda Brown — March 25, 2008 #

    177. I could have received triple play bundle through other campanies at a much lower rate but chose to add wireless and high speed internet service to my home phone service. I did this in 12/07. There was a reward of a flat screen tv. I was sent paperwork for the double play bundle. I contacted the number 866-279-0438 at least four times to correct this situation. I was promised that the situation would be corrected. However, I have not received a new reward letter or my tv.
      Was that false advertising or are you working to correct this problem?

      Comment by Antoinette Mckenzie — March 29, 2008 #

    178. I signed up for the triple play Jan 2, 2008. Verizon told me I am eligible for the free 19″ HDTV or $200 Best Buy gift card. It is now 13 weeks later; yet I am still not received the letter from Verizon. I contact phone # 866-279-0438 at least several time and was given the confirmation # 7wks ago. I have not received anything from Verizon….

      Comment by Maggie — March 31, 2008 #

    179. I ordered the Triple Play in December and the installer screwed up my order for a month. Since then I was repeatedly promised the free 19″ HDTV and given the repeated delaying tactic for the authorization letter for the next 3 months. Turns out each time they changed the details of my order until it bore no resemblance to the original order. Luckily I had my original confirmation number so they could not deny that my original order satisfied the HDTV promotion (even tho the install date got delayed by them, and the speed was the originally-qualified 5Mbps, and they mixed up the 2-year term). I finally got the letter but am still waiting for the TV (now 4.5 months since install). If you are in this predicament, make sure you are calling the state-specific Billing department and demand to speak to a supervisor. Chances are they will put you on hold- I once stayed on hold on speaker an entire 8-hour workday just to see what would happen before I finally hung up- but sometimes you may actually get through. The supervisor can get you your code- or even enter your fulfillment choice- right on the phone- no need to wait for a letter. Good luck.

      Comment by Another scammed customer — April 1, 2008 #

    180. Fios installed on 1/21/08. I received the letter 2/29. BB $200GC received 4/5.

      Comment by mince — April 5, 2008 #

    181. Applied for the Triple Play in November….I called several times and finally was told I never contacted the “Rewards Office” to get my TV..so I called them..by now it is January and they said they will send a letter that I would have to fill out and mail back…letter never came…I called again on Feb 15th and demanded a supervisor..he told me he would put the claim through gave me a conformation # and said I would get the TV within 6 to 10 weeks..Still waiting….I did not relize so many people had the same problem…..Good Luck to All..

      Comment by Pam — April 6, 2008 #

    182. I had Fios triple play installed on Dec 4, 2007 no letter until I called in January and found they screwed up the setup of my account. Registered for the reward, 19 inch hdtv since then no sign of it. Got my tracking number and checked with fedex and I guess they printed a lable for it in the first week of Feb, 2008 but have not shipped it. I called the reward center or should I say retard center and they are a group of lying idiots, they simply are worthless Verizon should save themselves money and just give out a bogus email address of have an answering machine spew out the line of crap that they try to get you to believe. I was told to wait a few more weeks, then told that they ran out of tvs and it would be the first of May now. I wll wait and wait I am sure and the only tv I am going to see is the one that is on the bullshit add that they run. My friend signed up and got the best buy card and got that right on time thats what I should have done. I hope Verizon gets their asses sued off over this bs. My condolensces to the rest of you who are waiting for your tv, keep waiting.

      Comment by Daniel — April 7, 2008 #

    183. I have been getting the run around ever since I had the FIOS installed – Originally I just called to have my # switched to an unlisted # because of harrassing phone calls from kids, that’s when I was offered the triple play with FREE TV! That was in January, now it’s April and NOTHING! I have recieved 2 bills, one for the old number and internet and 1 for the new # and internet and tv, so I’m now billed twice for the phone and internet – I have placed inumerous emails and phone calls and they keep telling me it will be strightened out and i will get my TV – it’s now APRIL 7th!!!!!!!!Nothing, and no fixed bill – I think the BBB shuld get involved!!!

      Comment by Martha — April 7, 2008 #

    184. I am going thru the same BS everyone else is. Placed an oder in early Jan and FIOS got installed on 2/5/08. Nothing every received in the mail. I’m on the phone with them now and they’re telling me that the TV offer was only applicable with the 15/2Mb internet speed and I ordered 5/2Mb. I said that was a crock and want to speak to a supervisor. Now sitting on phone on hold for 20 mins.

      Comment by Miguel — April 8, 2008 #

    185. Just got off the phone and they are insisting I am NOT entitled to the TV because offer was only applicable against the 15/2Mb internet speed. These SOB’s haven’t heard the last of me.

      What we need is a class action suit against these guys.

      Comment by Miguel — April 8, 2008 #

    186. I had Verizon Fios “Triple Play” installed 12/16/08. Agreed To TOS on 1/26/08. I’ve spent over 30 hours on the phone between Verizon CS and Harte Hanks – everyone confirms that I am eligible to receive the HD TV but I have not received the “award” letter. I called Verizon customer relations and they called me last week and she said they were going to forget the letter and just ship me the TV. She told me to call her back is I didn’t receive it by May 17th (?!?!?) I have heard a different story from each person I’ve spoken with that I’ve come to the conclusion that no one at Verizon or Harte Hanks really knows what is going on. Hopefully, I will get the TV at some point but ofcourse I am paying extra for HD box all these months even though I don’t have an HD TV……..

      Comment by MaryBeth — April 9, 2008 #

    187. We have been experiencing this Verizon free TV runaround for 6 months, ever since signing up for the FIOS promotion last November. Weekly phone calls and still no “Verification Letter,” which they say is required to get the free TV. Last week a rep called Donna tried to buy us off with an offer of $200, which we declined. Today, the same rep called us with a new twist: she said we were not eligible for the free TV because we only signed up for a 1-yr. contract, but she would offer us $100 “as a favor.” I refused, knowing we had a 2-yr. contract, and began asking for her full name, phone number and tracking number of our conversation. Suddenly she “realized” she was wrong – we DID have the right contract and WERE eligible for the TV after all (oops!), and promised we would receive the Verification Letter soon.
      From an earlier conversation we had her supervisor’s direct number. He had never responded to our calls before, but I decided to give him once more chance. I called the guy, got his voice mail, and said politely but firmly that if we did not receive our Verification Letter within one week, that I would go to the NY State Atty. General’s office and the news media consumer hotlines, and complain publicly about Verizon’s fraud, along with the names and numbers of Verizon employees we had dealt with, including his.
      Within 10 minutes I had a call back from him with the promise to “escalate” the process. A few hours later he called again to promise that we would soon have a Fed Ex tracking number and the TV perhaps within a week.
      People, this is the way to get results: keep written records of all your conversations with these guys. Make sure you have the dates, full names and phone numbers of the people you have spoken with, and tracking numbers if available. Stay calm, polite but firm and if that person cannot help you, ask to speak with their supervisor. Remember it’s not necessarily their fault but their company’s policy that has caused the problem. Polite but firm is always better than hysterical. Nevertheless, if the supervisor is not able to get results, threaten to take your complaint up another level to that guy’s boss, then to the media, to consumers’ groups or to the Attorney General’s office. The threat of public exposure will usually get their attention! Good luck.

      Comment by Ellen — April 9, 2008 #

    188. We are still waiting for our TV. I went to Rewards.Verizon.com. and did everything required. We received our confirmation number and hopefully we will receive the TV in the next couple of weeks. If we do not receive this TV, we will be in touch.

      Comment by Jan Harrison — April 13, 2008 #


      Comment by Ed Emanuel — April 15, 2008 #

    190. I just spent the morning on the phone with Verizon. AFter three phone calls and a connection with the “escellation department” I was FINALLY told that there were major delays in getting these TV’s out What was originally a 6 to 10 week delivery time, is now a 10 to 15 week delivery time. If anyone needs the number to the promotion department instead of calling a main number it is 866-279-0438.

      Do NOT take the 200 gift card offer as it’s less than half the price of going out and buying a Sharp 19inch plasma tv. If anything they should be giving gift card for the amount it would cost to go out and buy the tv.

      Right now I have a 50 dollar credit for my troubles. I will beging calling again next week. This is very bad business for Verizon, and Cablevision is already offering to pay any cancellation fees to bring customers back. If this keep going the way it is, Verizon will definitely lose customers.

      All costumers who have not received their TV should NOT be billed for a second HD box that’s going unused because of the lack of a TV that was promised in 6 to 8 weeks.

      Comment by Dion — April 17, 2008 #

    191. received my letter on saturday 4/19, after many calls and complaints…my install date was 12/16…spoke to a supervisor named Coy the last time I called at the end of march, and he came through, I also received the 100 dollar target gift card that was on hold as well….way to go Coy, your the first person to step up to the plate and deliver, now the wait for the TV..

      Comment by derf — April 21, 2008 #


      Comment by MARYANN SANTIAGO — April 21, 2008 #

    193. I am still waiting for the TV to be shipped. This has bene going on since Nov 2007. When I called I get the run around and they say the TV was sent back to the shipper and it will be reshipped once they receive it back at the warehouse. It has never been reshipped. Please look into this matter ASAP. Thank you.

      Comment by stanley carter — April 23, 2008 #

    194. i got my verizon online in oct.i have gotten nothing from verizon!!all a bunch of lies!!!shame on you!!i think i am going to call the news and have tappy phillips look into this put verizon on front street!!!it’s all just wrong!!

      Comment by george brown — April 24, 2008 #

    195. It is time for Class Action Lawsuit against Verizon and it affiliates responsible for this bogus offer. I called today and was told the earliest they expected to ship any on the Sharp 19″ TVs was August 1. They told me that I should have received a letter dated April 1 that indicated that Sharp had delays in shipping the TVs to the Reward Center for fulfillment of the rewards and if I still wanted the Sharp TV delivery would take an addtional 10 – 15 weeks (not 10 – 15 weeks from the time you applied for the reward on line or by phone.) If I didn’t want to wait that long they could offer me a $200 gift card to a store of their choice (Walmart, Best Buy or Target) or a Magnavox 19 inch LCD HDTV valued at $249. This is not acceptable.

      I was at Best Buy and talked to one of their HDTV buyers. He said Sharp had discontinued making the 19 inch LCD HDTV back in February and were instead focusing on 42 inch and larger TVs since nobody wants anything that small anyway. He heard through an industry newsletter that Verizon needed over 300,000 Sharp TVs to meet the response to the Triple Play Offer and were purchasing store returns, warranty returns and remanufactured TVs to meet the demand. There is no way to tell if you receive a remanufactured TV from Verizon. So its


      Comment by Mark Logan — April 24, 2008 #

    196. Here’s something I hope will help. Call the Verizon customer relations department at 800-483-7988 and when you hear the automated message, press option 3. Give your complaint to the person who answers. I did this on April 14, and I received my Sharp TV on April 25. My installation was in Dec. 2007. I also went through months and months of calling, waiting on hold, being transferred to different departments and still never received my letter about the TV. The folks at customer relations escalated my request, and I had the TV one week after calling. It’s a Sharp model LC19DV22u and it has a built in DVD player.

      Comment by Tina — April 27, 2008 #

    197. Did anyone actually receive the 19″ Sharp? I can tell you this… The deal is crap they sent me some crappy ViewSonic that looks worse than the 15 year old 13″ Sharp tube I already had. I have not plugged the TV up to HD box yet, granted the picture will look much better, but there is no way the picture should look worse than what I had…

      Also did Verizon actually say it was a free Sharp? I know they showed a Sharp in all the commercials and pictures on the internet.

      Comment by Gpuck12 — April 27, 2008 #

    198. I ordered my triple play on 1/25/08 and still have not received the welcome letter or the $200 Bestbuy gift card. Spoke to manager and she said I would have by the end of April,2008 Still waiting.

      Comment by Antoinette — April 30, 2008 #

    199. The sales person who came to my door promised me two $100 American Express gift cards, one right after installation, and another to be shipped after a year of service. They also promised me a $50 gift card to Target. After much waiting, phone calls, and jumping through hoops we get a letter in the mail offering us the TV (which I said over and over I have interest in) or a $200 GC to Bestbuy. NO MENTION OF THE TARGET OR AMERICAN EXPRESS CARDS. I am so frustrated that I feel like caving in and shooting for the $200 GC to Bestbuy, but I feel I need to make an issue out of this. I’m sure it’ll get me nowhere, but someone has to know about this BS! I bet I’ll never get this Bestbuy card either!!

      Comment by bd — April 30, 2008 #

    200. I signed up for the Verizon triple bundle package baci in February 2008; my initial day of service is Februaru 28, 2008. I was told I would get a free HD TV but have recieved nothing, not even a notification. What do I need to do to get this TV as Verizon promised?

      Comment by Ronald Underhill — May 1, 2008 #

    201. Ordered my triple-play early Dec. 2007
      Took many phone calls and about 3 months before I final got the Reward letter.
      Signed op the same day (middle Feb. 2008) to confirm the reward, but now (May 2 2008) have not seen anything. I can still log into my rewards.verizon.com but no movement sins February.
      That is close to half a year sis I ordered TriplePlay.
      Besides that Verizon tech. in Massachusetts has been fine.

      Comment by Bruce H — May 2, 2008 #

    202. i’m here trying to retrive my free gift a mini camcorder i recived aletter followed instructions and still waiting on my free gift is verizon scaming the public to get more of our hard earned dollars how long should i wait. it’s been since 01-08 come on people now i’ts 05-08. stop geing dishonest to us. we feed you if not for us how would you eat’.

      Comment by dalewebster — May 2, 2008 #

    203. Well, we finally got our Sharp LCD HDTV – hallelujah! Even though it took a while, and Verizon tried several times to switch us to an alternative item, we did receive the TV yesterday.

      I must say that I am impressed with the quality of the TV. This is not a 2nd tier piece of junk, it is quite nice. The unit has a piano black, high-gloss finish, high-quality switches, a very good menu system, and a decent remote control.

      The picture quality is quite good. In fact, it is surprisingly good on standard def. stations. And on HD stations the picture quality is VERY good. So, even though it took them quite some time to fulfill their offer, they did so honorably and with a very good quality product.

      Bravo, Verizon!


      Comment by rlwainwright — May 4, 2008 #

    204. would some one just tell all of us the truth and figure this major problem out, we have all waited so long and just want some HONEST answers is that so hard to do? they get paid every month from their customers its about time they pay attention to the customer and help us out, remember we, the customer are the ones who keep business’s in business. please just send us our t.v.s thats all we want. thanks

      Comment by d.l. — May 4, 2008 #

    205. hello everyone!

      OMG, i cannot believe the complaints, i had the triple play installed on dec. 2, 2007 it is now
      may 4, 2008, u all know the story, same shit, calls to here, there and everywhere. if it was not for mark (thanks), i’d still be lost. mark provided the correct and complete website. verizon
      do not have the decency to make sure that the info.harte hanks is sending out is correct. 5 months to date, i just receive the letter. get this. the letter states i do not qualify for the
      free t.v., no where does it say sharp aquos that is. what it does say, is that they are doing me a favor and will honor me to have the t.v. go figure
      doing me a favor its been 5 months, the only favor
      verizon can do me is come get the shit out. i live
      in new rochelle, ny verizon even had the nerve to come out to my complex and do a live demo. on the lawn. why? they have not made good yet. any law suits, class action grievances, call me you got my
      signature 1,000 times over. too sick to carry on
      over this. this is disgusting treatment to verizon customers. the only way to stop this, is to let them know, their wrong, and collectively
      take our business away from them. i emailed arnold diaz to do a report on this scam, but have
      heard nothing from them. keep me posted.


      Comment by sonna — May 4, 2008 #

    206. I also signed up for the Verizon Triple Play along with the Free 19 inch Sharp TV. After 6 months and many frustrating hours on the phone with customer service I was told the offer expired in March and I am out of luck. Given the number of people that have not gotten the promised TV’s it would appear that Verizon was pulling a scam. I refuse to deal with a company that treats its customer with such disrespect and so I am dropping Verizon FIOS and moving back to Cablevision. I’m sorry I left them to begin with. For the 6 months I have been dealing with FIOS, I found their internet service to be slower than cable. Fios TV’s picture quality is no better or worse than the HD Cable however the response time of the set top box is faster with cable. Phone service is about equal.

      Verizon customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. If you decided to make the move to FIOS, just be aware that when you need to contact customer service (and you will need) that you best be prepared for the frustration of their automated phone service followed by a painfully long time on hold, followed by customer service reps that range from polite and ineffective to rude, arrogant (after all we are verizon) and ineffective.

      Comment by Just Joe — May 5, 2008 #

    207. Follow-up

      I called Cablevision on Thursday 5/1 and put the order in to drop Verizon. On Friday 5/2, I receive two UPS Overnite letters from Verizon imploring me not to switch. Just goes to show how fast they can do things if they really want to.

      As far as I’m concerned Verizon can offer to make good on the TV, offer me free service, and promise to deliver me my coffee every morning and I
      WILL STILL SAY NO. Perhaps if they offer to fire the entire customer service organization and completely revamp how they treat customers I might consider a move in my next life.

      Until than it is BYE BYE VERIZON.

      Comment by Just Joe — May 5, 2008 #

    208. Well I read Tina’s blog and tried the phone number suggested. NOTHING. Not even a recording that the line is busy. Did they shut this number down so we can’t call? I will keep trying.

      Called at then end of my 10 week wait and they said wait another 5. That is this week! Just wish they would have honored their advertisment. I’ld be embarassed to work for them!


      Comment by Nancy — May 6, 2008 #

    209. Our service was installed in mid-December. It is now the first part of May and still no promised free TV for signing up for the Triple Play. I am amazed at the number of sites on the web with complaints – if only we had checked this out before signing up. Evidently, Verizon is not governed by any agency that requires Verizon to give a crap about the customer and stand by it’s word. We have decided to start calling and emailing our market Verizon Media Relations name on a daily basis until we receive satisfaction – and our free TV as promised!!


      Comment by Shawn — May 7, 2008 #

    210. Same story from me. Ordered 12/14, installed 1/14, TV confirmed on 2/11, promised 4/21, and still no word on free TV.

      Called to cancel bundles and was told I would have to pay termination fee. I said that I never received the free TV and was told that is not part of the contract I signed. I guess that means if the Tv shows up, and I cancel and pay the termination fee, I get to keep the TV.

      What Verizon fails to understand is that word will spread about this scam, because of this site and others. NBC4 here in DC did a story on their bundling scam pricing last night, and ABC7 did a segment on their local investigative report. Maybe the FCC or FTC could help. jack

      Comment by Jack — May 8, 2008 #

    211. You won’t believe it.

      Received my sharp television yesterday and had my triple play installed early december 2007.

      Hold on, there is hope.

      Comment by herman — May 8, 2008 #

    212. Signed up for service in Feb. Was told letter would be mailed out! No letter, called and was advised they stopped that and gave me conformation number TV would be here by 5/1! No TV, now i get letter stating that it’s going to be another 6-10 weeks! And they gave me another conformation number, that TV would be here by 6/30! Does this whole think have a familiar scam smell to get you to sign up for their service? I do like service I am getting.

      Comment by Bill — May 9, 2008 #

    213. yahoo!!! received my t.v., thank goodness, after all the months I have waited it came on may 7, so hold on there is hope. had my verizon installed in dec.07 and finally got the tv. I still must say they had a really bad way of handling this major problem they created. hope everyone else gets theirs. good luck to all!!!!

      Comment by d.l. — May 10, 2008 #

    214. What a scam. I had mine installed early dec. STILL NO TV. Called today and they said if no tv by end of may they will take action? What does that mean? I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said no one avail. Wish I could get a yes or no answer. Maybe they should have just given us the money to go buy our own this way we could have it now.
      Thanks to all of you responding on getting the tv. Maybe mine is ………..”in the mail”


      Comment by Nancy — May 12, 2008 #

    215. I work for verizon in the customer service office (888-553-1555). I cant tell you how many calls a day we get regarding the free tv offer from last year and the earlier part of this year that ended in February. YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GET YOUR TV…JUST KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!!!

      Comment by verizon rep — May 12, 2008 #

    216. I am a Verizon rep as well and I know that all of you are frustruated believe it or not the CSR’s are frustruated as well because of the amount of calls we get each day with the same problems. My department does not ship those gifts out..we just use a form to request the gift to try to get it out to you. We want you to receive those gifts because that is what you were told you were to receive and you are upset, I don’t blame you. I wish my department can do more. But we just have to follow the proper procedures and regulations as advised to do and thats all. But i do show empathy for each and every one of you. As a consumer myself I would be just as unsatisfied as you. I do apologize on behalf of Verizon, but when I speak to each customer I try to resolve it as best as I could. Once I enter your information in my database it goes out of my hands. Overall you will eventually receive your gift offer.

      Comment by Verizon Rep — May 13, 2008 #

    217. to verizon rep — While I appreciate your encouragement that the TV will eventually arrive, the real problem is much deeper than that. There is an integrity (or lack of) issue with verizon. I don’t want to rehash all the problems I have had with verizon customer service over this TV. At this point they can keep the TV for all I care. I’m leaving verizon because of their poor business practices and poor customer service. My objective going forward is to do as much as I can to let people know what type of company verizon is before they switching from cable. If verizon needs a history lesson they should look at Enron, Lucent, MCI, Quest, Tellium, JDS, and Nortel to just name a few big companies that thought they were invincible.

      Comment by Just Joe — May 13, 2008 #

    218. I have had triple play for months.. Still No TV and NO letter. I called did get someone on the phone who told me they would resend the letter that was over a month ago NO letter. I kick out comcast, Direct TV and installed a home Phone.. NO TV.. I wanted it for my bedroom.. :( At this rate i am guess i am OUT OF LUCK..


      Comment by Lisa — May 14, 2008 #

    219. I signed up for the verizon triple freedom plan for $99 a month for one year in the state of Ct.on Dec.12, 2007 because we were moving to New Jersey Dec.19, 2007. I too, was told I would receive my free 19′ TV. First, they set me up with Verizon Double Play Bundle and offered me a RCA small wonder digital camcorder. I called, waited on “hold”, with terrible music playing in the background for 2 1/5 hours and then helped by a customer rep. as confused as I was, and she changed the plan to Verizon Freedom Essentials. On 1/22/08 I was given a conformation number for the tv. On March 3,2008 I was told the conformation number was no good and told to call back in 3 weeks. I called billing and they issued me a new conformation number and they also told me to call back in 3 to 6 weeks. I called back the first of April and was then told I was never qualified for the TV since I had signed up for verizon freedom essentials and was receiving a BIG discount for that plan. I told them I was reporting all of this to the Atty. General and so they gave me $100 credit and a Target gift card for $25. They called back with an offer to buy an internet sit advisor, and I said, you must be kidding! I can’t wait until this nightmare is over and I can cancel everything. What a scam…

      Comment by Elyse — May 15, 2008 #

    220. HELLO ALL… I TOO WORK FOR VERIZON AND FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!! Luckily I dont live in a Verizon area and wasnt able to get this offer, howver what did all of our parents tell us growing up as kids–NOTHING IS EVER FREE!!!! To those of you who have gotten your tv’s already after what seemed like forever, CONGRATS!!!, but for you who are still waiting and getting the run around, Verizon has a consumer relations dept that handles these types of issues and based on some of the earlier blogs on this site, once they called consumer relations, they had a tv within a matter of days–so try that and see if that works. Now on behalf of myself and other verizon reps who have to take your IRATE calls that are sometimes quite amusing, when this promo rolled out we were never told that in order for the “fulfillment letter” to auto generate to the customer you would have to accept the terms of service at http://www.verizon.net/fiosbundle terms. Now that all this madness has surfaced, the company issued an email advising that if customer didnt agree to TOS within 30days of installing all components then you (the customer) are not going to get that letter to receive your tv or giftcard. We have to send a manual email to our single point of contact who in turns reviews your order to make sure you in fact qualify for this offer. He is by means in no hurry to look this over and that causes a delay in getting your issues resolved regarding the free gift offered by Verizon. So again, I say contact Consumer Relations and voice your complaints.
      I do have just one question to ask everyone on this site: IF VERIZON HADNT OFFERED A FREE GIFT, WOULD YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR THE SERVICE??
      Please give your honet responses. I will check later. Everyone have a pleasant day =)

      Comment by verizon rep — May 15, 2008 #

    221. To Verizon Rep… In answer to your question, yes I would have signed up without the free TV offer. My reasons for switching from cablevision to Fios were:
      1) To show the cable company they were nolonger the only game in town.
      2) I thought that FIOS would be significantly better than cable.
      3) I thought Verizon would be very costumer focused

      Well the reality is that I never had a problem with cable and I should have left well enough alone.

      FIOS is not better than cable and in fact, I have found several instances where it is actually worse.

      Verizon customer services is a an oxymoron.

      As I mentioned in my previous email, the real issue for me comes down to integrity and verizon is sorely lacking in that department.

      Funny since the order went in to port my number and tv/internet service back to cable, I have received a UPS delivered letter three days in a row asking me to reconsider. Ha, not in this lifetime!!!

      As long as there is an alternative supplier I will NEVER be a verizon customer again! Geez, I would even consider a string and two cans first.

      VERIZON you are not the only game in town.


      Comment by Just Joe — May 16, 2008 #

    222. SAT. MAY 17, 2008 – We just RECEIVED our TV. Our install date was Oct. 2007. After many, many, many calls. I wrote letters wach week to Verizon. Then to the President of Verizon. No one should have to wait 8 months for a TV offer, and have to pay the monthly bill of $195. per month. Now I wish that they fix the customer service dept. NOTE: CHECK YOUR BILL, every month – Twice they overcharge me by taking away the discounts. This month they took away the internet discount I should not have to stay on top of them – but twice, they just take away discounts and then say OPPS! I’ll adjust the bill.

      Comment by Everett — May 17, 2008 #

    223. I have met all of your requirements for this free TV….yet no Fed Ex number and still no TV!!What gives with this company. You always seem to get the bills out all right!

      Comment by diana kingsbury — May 19, 2008 #

    224. Well, I got my cable back on Sunday 5/18 and called Verizon to cancel FIOS on 5/19. Of course, they offered to lower my monthly bill, etc but I would not keep Verizon even if they offered it to me for nothing! Well Verizon, I hope the TV scam was worth it. You lost me as a customer and I know I have convinced several others not to make the switch to FIOS.

      I have a 52inch Aquos LCD on the picture is better with cable than it was with FIOS! GO figure.

      Oh, I have one more question for Verizon.


      Comment by Just Joe — May 20, 2008 #

    225. I also was told that since I had signed up for Fios I qualified for a free 19″ TV. I had to call and call about it because I did not receive a letter. I was told each time that I was suppose to have the letter. They Promised to take care of it.
      Finally I received a letter from Brian Angiolet executive director consumer marketing saying that I did not qualify but I still would get a TV.
      I went to the web site and entered the info only to receive a letter saying that I would not get anything.
      This is a bait and switch if I ever have seen anything.
      It’s really not about the TV or what it’s worth it’s more about the principle of it.
      At this point I’m stuck with verizon for two years. But after that I’m going back to Time warner.

      Comment by Scott Manning — May 20, 2008 #

    226. to Scott … You may want to check with Time Warner with regards to the verizon termination fee. I also signed a two year contract with Verizon. Five months later I contacted Cablevision and they offered to pay the Verizon early termination fee. I immediately dumped Verizon. As you said, it is not about the TV it is the principle. Verizon made a promise and broke it ( not to mention that their customer service is the worst in the industry). Given that their are other options available, I don’t have to put up with bait and switch tactics.

      Hey Verizon… CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

      Comment by Just Joe — May 21, 2008 #

    227. The free Sharp TV almost seemed like an offer too good to be true. And maybe it was. After the ten-week waiting period (ten weeks, give me a break – almost any retailer can ship a TV in the same week ordered), I have still not received the TV. Calls to the Verizon service number get a response of – call back in two weeks if you haven’t received it. Either Verizon is grossly inefficient or they don’t have the product they promised in the promotion.

      Comment by steve kaplan — May 22, 2008 #

    228. I got my triple package in February and was told I would be able to pick either a TV or a giftcard. After numerous phonecalls I still haven’t received the voucher I was promised to receive my reward. I even e-mailed their customer service and never got a response. The first time I called I was on hold for 45 minutes the next few times it wasn’t as bad. I am considering contacting the BBB as I feel I have been ripped off by Verizon. I will not give up trying to claim my gift, I don’t see why I should, as far as I am concerned what they are doing is a big scam.

      I am really upset over this matter and feel that they just don’t care. I wonder what they would think if I took the time that they do paying my bill. I will never recommend this company to anyone.


      Comment by Lucy — May 22, 2008 #

    229. I ordered service in December
      Installed in January
      As of May, no TV
      Filed a complaint with my state’s Attorney General
      Verizon finally acted – overnight delivery of my TV, and 2 free months of service
      Encourage all to do the same!!!

      Comment by Frank Riszo — May 23, 2008 #

    230. We signed up for triple play in March in NJ, we did receive a TV MAy 13th The TV was a “zenith LCD” (Ahem wasn’t it supposed to be a Sharp Aquos) we plugged it in , it worked for 1 week then completely fritzed out – 7 calls to zethith cust service coulden’t fix it. I was supposed to send it back to zethith via DHL for “fix or replace” but verizon provided me with no proof of purchase no packing slip NADA. Zenith won’t take their peice o’ crap back without it I spent literally 3 hours getting ping ponged back and forth between Verizon and Zenith
      They don’t give a sh*t about customer service. If any of you have not gotten the TV call back and ask for the best buy GC- these Zethiths are glitchy, the guy from zenith even told me other Verizon customers were calling about them being defective. If no resolution by tommorrow I will go back to Cablevision!!

      Comment by Robin — May 27, 2008 #

    231. I purchased the service in January and received the letter in Febuary. I have not recived the TV or any correspondence from Verizon other than bills much higher than I expected. I am even paying for a box I am not using because the TV has not arrived. So far, I am dissappionted in Verizon and feel customers were misinformed concerning the TV and all the extra fees tacked onto the $99.00 bundle. If I do not receive the TV soon, I will switch back to something else. Now Comcast has the nerve to try to offer a TV deal. Wonder how that will work out!

      Comment by Phyllis Bellamy — May 28, 2008 #

    232. Well it has been about 2 weeks since I got rid of flimflam verizon and I could not be happier. I have a 52 inch Sharp LCD and let me tell you, the cable picture is actually better than the FIOS picture. Menu response and channel guides respond faster with cable, internet service and webmail are faster and have a better GUI interface than Verizon Fios, you get more features with the phone service and you don’t have to be a CPA to read the cable bill.

      When FIOS became available in my area I couldn’t wait to switch over and let cable know they weren’t the only game in town. Well like they say, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.
      The good thing about verizon is that they have forced the cable companies to become better customer oriented and more competitive. The real problem with verizon is that they think their crap doesn’t stink and that will be their downfall.

      Just remember Verizon, you are not the only game in town either. You want to screw the consumer…
      than watch your customer base continue to erode.

      A very happy EX-FIOS customer. Hey Verizon,

      Comment by Just Joe — May 28, 2008 #

    233. MY install date was on January, I got the letter with the confirmation number and opted for the TV. Its May now and still I did not get my TV. I am frustrated now.. Now, I am planning to cancel the verizon service and go a to a different cable provider. If verizon cannot stick to their word for timely delivery of gift, how can I trust them for anything else??

      Comment by GP — May 28, 2008 #

    234. Well just here to report more of the same. Ordered in Dec 13,2007. Sharp TV just arrived it’s now June 3, 2008. Plenty of phone calls later. 1st and 2 month bills were very high no one could tell you why.I like FIOS but will probably go back to Time Warner.

      Comment by Mac — June 5, 2008 #

    235. Well I fell for another scam of Verizons. I called after waiting over 15 weeks for a free TV and talked to a CSR Supervisor. He agreed that I have waited long enough for a TV. I assumed (big mistake) that I would get one within a week. I am going on another 3 weeks waiting. Like do you think they could just admit to a scam or they are out of this offer? With reading the above, I will be extremely disappointed if I do not get the Sharp TV. I too may switch to cable. They are making us some good offers. So Verizon – DO YOU HEAR US NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Comment by nancy — June 6, 2008 #

    236. Its been 9 months and we haven’t gotten the free TV they offer when we sign up… Where is my TV?????

      Bogus advertisement…. unreliable service…

      Comment by Ampy — June 6, 2008 #

    237. I had verizon triple play installed at my home on 01-15-08 and this is now 06-16-08 and I still have not received my free 19″ Sharp LCD TV. Legally I would like to know how long verizon can take to deliver the LCD because this is false advertisement.

      Comment by Bob — June 16, 2008 #

    238. Contact the the person who’s name is on the letter:

      Brian Angiolet
      Executive Director of Marketing for Verizon FiOS
      908-559-2280 (assistant’s #)

      Comment by PSTOFF — June 16, 2008 #

    239. Here is the solution:

      I had similar problems getting the TV. Verizon installed the Triple Play in Jan. and I received the gift letter 6 weeks later. But, the offer was for a camcorder (which I didn’t want) not the TV. Made multiple calls to Verizon Rebate and Eligibility centers — conflicting answers and no-one seemed to have any record of what was going on. Was told a new letter would be sent — never received. Was told the TV would be shipped — called back a week later and no-one had any record of this. Wrote to Brian Angelot (as suggested in the post above) — no response. Frankly, I think the Verizon reps will simply say and promise anything to get you off the phone. Since you can’t reach them directly, there is no accountability.

      Finally, in April, I followed the advice above, and filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Within two weeks someone from Verizon actually called me. And get this, she actually left a call back number and actually answered it the third time I called. Had the TV about 2 weeks later. Of course, it is a stinkin’ Zenith, not the Sharp Aquos. Picture quality is so-so, but, fortunately, I have not had the major problems discussed above.

      I have never used the BBB before, but they were terrific. If you want relief, take my advice and file a complaint with them. For the post who had problems with the Zenith, I also suggest you file a complaint with the BBB if Verizon won’t replace it. Couldn’t hurt.

      Hope this works for you. This was one of the most frustrating consumer experiences that I have ever had.

      Comment by Glenn — June 17, 2008 #

    240. I went for the Verizon deal last December of receiving FIOS internet, cable and landline service for $100/month with the added incentive of receiving a free 19” Sharp LCD TV.

      It then took 4 months and repeated phone calls with interminable wait times before we finally received the TV, only to find the set was defective (distorted picture and inoperable DVD player). I contacted Sharp since it has a 1 year warranty and they said they’d repair it and ship it back to me but I must pay for shipping to them.

      Pay $40-50 to UPS a “free gift” that vturns out to be defective? That didn’t sound right so I called Verizon, my feeling this should be their problem, not mine.

      Well, after spending almost two hours on the phone being given the runaround from one department to another, each time waiting listening to muzac for a half hour, I finally go through to what seemed a reasonable person looking to help out. “Chris” took down the info on the TV model, its defects, and my email address and said I’d receive an email the following Monday (I called on a Friday) directing me on how and where to ship the TV for a free replacement.

      Well, 2 ½ weeks later and no email, so I called “Chris” again at the number he left me. Instead I got another rep at a call center who on checking my file found only a note “complaint on TV” and then proceeded to say that sadly there was nothing Verizon could do, I must take it up with Sharp. I again told her this should not be Verizon’s customer’s problem, but rather their’s to remedy and there was no reason I should be paying out of pocket for a defective “free gift”.

      After being put on hold numerous times (I swear this is their strategy to get rid of people) she again said nothing they could do. I told her this struck me as a major scam as the TV model number cannot be found on any internet site and my guess is their built to lower quality or are seconds.

      Their final solution to my complaint on the defective TV was to offer to help me cancel my service (which I so far haven’t done). Clearly they value their customers!

      Another Verizon item: for the first several bills they overcharged me for their service and it took several calls, again with the dread hold time (all part of the plan) to get this right. Talking with other members of my church and they also had this experience.

      Great company. They should not be allowed to get away with this cheating game they have going just because their a large faceless company.

      Google “Verizon free TV scam and numerous message boards of complaints pop up. We’re hardly alone and I will post this wherever possible to do my little part to bring these clowns into the light of day.

      Verizon, do you hear me now?

      Comment by Steve — June 18, 2008 #

    241. Well I just wanted to post a follow to my Verizon FIOS nightmare. It’s been about a month now since I have been back with Cablevision and I could not be happier. After reading the post here I can see that nothing has changed with Verizon… that really is a shame. The once mightly and proud and “phone company” reduced to a snake oil salesman.

      So Verizon, I could care less whether you can HEAR ME NOW or not, because I will use a string and two cans before going back with you!

      Comment by JustJoe — June 19, 2008 #

    242. hey there,

      well i finally got my free tv after waiting 6months. i got through by calling the billing dept number on my bill bc they overcharged me. i just asked if she could help and she connected me to a live person. she took the info and told me i have waited way too long and said she would call back in a few days with the tracking number. well it took longer than a few days but the day she gave me the tracking number the delivery was made.

      i received just what they told me i would get in the letter. a 20″ sharp aquos. it is a beautiful picture and i am so happy this waiting, constant calling and feeling like someone has pulled one on me is OVER.

      not sure i will ever go for another offer like this. now let’s see how good the verizon service is.

      good luck and good bye

      Comment by nancy — June 26, 2008 #

    243. I am debating on sewing Verizon over this whole 2year free TV deal. I as well as others agreed to pay for service for 2 years with the incentive of a free TV. As you probably already know I didn’t get a TV. Apparently they sent a letter for the redemption process
      to me in April. Here is the problem I was in Baghdad, Iraq. So I get
      home after dodging rockets only to be told it’s too late to get my TV. I told them they didn’t meet there end of the deal and that I was willing just to cancel the service. They won’t let me go without out penalizing me for terminating early for an agreement they didn’t meet. Do I have a case what do you think? If I win the case then Verizon will probably owe alot of people. Given the agreement I could go as far as saying give me the money back for the services because the only reason I got a phone I don’t use was for the damn free TV. To me the letter is meaningless. I can prove where I was , but even without that, the agreement was 2 years signup for and you get a free TV. I live in Tampa, Fl if you are interested in the case or being involved let me know. apesrule@hangmhi.com is my email. Thanks

      Comment by Nelson Santos — July 9, 2008 #

    244. I’ve been waiting 8 months for the “free” TV. Every time I call, they tell me it’s on the way, although they can’t give me a tracking number. And what do you know – it doesn’t show up. This is clearly fraud on a large scale by Verizon

      Comment by Jim C — July 10, 2008 #

    245. I signed up for the Verizon triple play bundle back in January 02 2008. I was promised a 19″ Sharp LCD HDTV for purchasing the plan. To this date, I have not received the promotional TV and every time I called I get a different story. Two weeks ago I was told that I was in campaign 164 and that all TV’s were shipped out, if I didn’t receive it in two weeks to call back. I just called and had a customer service person tell me that that information was not in the system and that he had no idea as to when the TV was going to be delivered. He just kept saying soon but could not guarantee a delivery date. I’m just wondering if something can be done about Verizon’s false advertizing.

      Comment by MEA — July 23, 2008 #

    246. Signed up for free tv offer in Dec. 2007. No tv. Same run-around as everyone else that has written above. Called today and now they are apologizing (as usual) and offering a $200 credit on your verizon account if you didn’t get your promotional offer. I am NOT happy but I am taking their $200 credit on my account. Better than nothing I guess.

      Comment by Ilene — August 6, 2008 #

    247. just signed on for new service with all three
      services now reading all this sad stuff aim going to cancel my new order
      this company went bad to the bone whats up with the big bosses in the company they out to long lunchs or just say who cares
      wrong wrong wrong VERIZON BETTER GET SMART

      Comment by william — August 10, 2008 #

    248. We got the fios package and the free TV offer in JAN of 08, got a letter in FEB informing us that they had underestimated the response to the offer for the TV, and that the TV my arrive up to 10 weeks later than expected at most.
      It’s AUGUST and we still have no TV, and the customer service rep says there is no scheduled delivery date.

      Comment by LadyFrankensteinTampa — August 11, 2008 #

    249. I feel for you, and I can tell you that I have pulled my hair as much as you have over these promotions. I know many people have historically been left with the impression that reps do not care and are trying to get off their call by saying “It’s on it’s way,” or “It’s out of my hands,” but I can assure you that although this was a huge blunder for this company, the employees do care. Many reps have a list of people inquiring about their gift hoping for a direct answer from somebody higher up. I personally have escalated this to a level within Verizon that is helping me come to a resolution. At this point, if you’re still calling, keep this in mind:

      1. The company Verizon contracted with to provide these gifts (Harte-Hanks) has cut them (Verizon reps) off effective less than a month ago in this sense: They used to be able to call Harte Hanks a month ago and ascertain delivery status of the gift. Their phone number is now disabled and redirects the caller to a Verizon customer service rep. The main channel of customer service has no direct resource to determine a delivery date of a customer. Supervisors also do NOT have direct access to this information, so it is almost always essentially useless to ask for one for this situation. It is a public utility, and some resolutions that have been offered were violations of the states’ tariffs. For example: Giving $200 in credit on a bill. That will no longer happen, even with an executive complaint from Ivan Seidenberg, the CEO. Verizon is not tariffed to provide credit for misquoting customers a free gift. I am personally working on creating a resolution that will work as a compromise for those who will not receive their gift, but please have more patience while that is fought for. I am spending countless hours researching and fighting this problem. You deserve what you were promised.

      2. On that note, there are indications in these posts that people are referring to outside agencies (Public utilities commissions and better business bureau)… when you file a complaint with these entities, it is referred directly to an executive level, and from there it is referred directly to reps that work in the same call center you started communications with. Starting recently, even these executive complaints are going to lead to the same conclusion as calling in: Your point of contact is not going to have direct access to the information you’re trying to obtain. The only thing you would accomplish is receiving an offer for a call back, and a direct line to their voicemail where you can leave a message (or several) and be waiting for a response when that person has the time to check their voicemail messages.

      3. If your information was sent to this contracted company Harte-Hanks, you might not get your gift until November. They had such an overwhelming response from Verizon to deliver these televisions that a couple things happened: After January 1, you were not guaranteed the Sharp Aquos. Regardless of whether the rep promised a sharp or not (If I knew why people said the things they said, or did they things they did, I’d be in a different business than I am), After Jan 1 It might be a Zenith, might be a Viewsonic, etc. As of right now, Harte-Hanks is quoting a 7 to 11 week delivery timeframe. No lie….

      4. If Verizon has not sent your information to this company already, you are out of luck. You won’t receive a TV, or a best buy gift card, or an RCA small wonder camcorder, or a Flip Video digital video camera; regardless of whether the services you signed up for qualify you for this promotion. This is one of my main concerns…I am working long extra hours to convince my contacts to help lobby an approval for a replacement (or consolation, if you will) gift.

      If you were promised this promotion and at this point have not received your gift, here are the steps I recommend you take. Call Verizon’s customer service number, found on your bill or Verizon’s website. Ask for billing and make sure you enter your home phone number into the automated system so it will get you to a FiOS agent. Ask the agent who answers if they are in the department “Encore”, or ask to be transferred to there. Then, ask the Encore rep to check the database for your account information. If they do not have the database on their workstation, they can easily find someone who does.

      *If you are in the Database, You are on the right track. Harte-Hanks is prepared to honor the promotion that Verizon promised you. Request that the rep forward this information to inquire about delivery status. The rep will be notified and is more than empowered to call you back with details. Please keep in mind that Verizon is not authorized to issue credit toward the billing for an unreasonable delivery time, due to a lack of state tariffs allowing the credit. If you pursue this with the state utilities commission, they will refer your complaint to the call center and someone will call you and advise you that they cannot issue any credit.

      *If you are not in the database, I’d ask, “What did Verizon do to disqualify my account?” Even though the answer you will receive will not be reasonable, (You signed up for 5/2 instead of 15/2.. I dont care what internet speed I had, you told me I’d get this TV. I’m stuck in a contract for 2 years). Please do not argue that Verizon did not meet their end of the bargain:

      A) Calls are recorded randomly, each rep has 2 random calls per day recorded for TRAINING purposes only. It is useless to request a recorded conversation you have had with Verizon over the phone.

      B) The terms of service for a FiOS bundle, which is the agreement Verizon is held accountable for, has no mention of a free gift, so please do not ask to have the early termination fee waived as an argument that we did not meet our end of the agreement. Trust me when I say, if people you speak to had the option to waive or credit this fee, several people would be receiving a $199 credit on their account. The reality is that the 2-year contract is for providing the services themselves (Freedom Essentials, FiOS Internet, and FiOS TV Premier). The terms of service for the fios bundle can be found here:

      P.S. If you are in Oregon and were promised this promotion for signing up for FiOS Triple Play, sorry…Verizon could not get approval from the state to offer this promotion to you, and therefore Verizon made a mistake mentioning this promotion. If you saw this promotion on Verizon’s website, it’s because Verizon was giving general information and you did not enter your address or phone number to make sure you qualified for the service.

      Another thing to point out is that Verizon had system issues on and around the time of the new year, preventing reps from being able to add the qualifying bundle discounts to accounts. Reps were relied upon to follow these accounts and subsequently add the discounts when a fix was in place, but many lost track of the accounts being followed, and thus disqualified the account from the promotion.

      My bottom line: I know this is Verizon’s fault. They chose a company that is on the bottom of the marketing food chain to provide a sweetener to sign up for their services for 2 years. They need to be held accountable for their employees promising a free gift to people who sign up for these services in a 2 year contract.

      I want to help you. If you are still pursuing resolution for this promotion, please feel free to email me and I will do everything I can do to ensure that you get results.

      Thank you for your time

      Comment by Concerned Citizen — August 13, 2008 #

    250. My email is youdodeserveit@gmail.com
      I apologize for leaving it out of my post

      Comment by Concerned Citizen — August 13, 2008 #

    251. Received my TV a couple of months after getting the FIOS triple package. “Free” TV lasted about 2 months then went blank. Called Verizon. They say you have to call Sharp. Call Sharp they say they do not replace I have to take it to one of their Repair shops. Called two. One won’t work on them as they don’t get paid by Sharp. Other shop (30 miles away) took set,tried to get parts, Sharp would not send them. Sharp said that owner would have to mail set back to them. This was after 3 weeks. Sharp called house and said they were sending mailing labels. This was almost 3 weeks ago. No further word from Sharp.
      Next step for me is the Attorney General Consumer Complaints Division. What a ripoff.

      Comment by Lorenzo — August 19, 2008 #

    252. Got my 19″ Zenith TV, but it’s complete JUNK! Called and told Verizon and they said they could have Fedex pick it up but had “no date as to when I would get the new one”. It took me 6 months to get this one that doesn’t have a picture. I give up and will be canceling my Verizon service due to incompetent customer service and the fact that PPV HD is way too expensive!

      Comment by LaToya — August 27, 2008 #

    253. I have verizon with my sharp lcd/hd, how can I lighten the picture

      Comment by janice Pandit — August 31, 2008 #

    254. My concern is that I switched from Comcast to Fios and now I have to buy boxes for my TV to work in Feb for DTV. Verizon should have told their customers this before hand I never thought we would have to worry about that or I would not have switched and I think Verizon should be responible for that because we pay enough money a month for this service.Please respond.

      Thank You!

      Comment by Delores — December 3, 2008 #

    255. Got the free Sharp tv. Had problems, sent it to Sharp, said it was fine and sent it back. Still having problems, will need to send it to Sharp again.

      Comment by Paula — February 25, 2009 #

    256. State sues Verizon NJ for violations of Consumer Fraud Act regarding FiOS marketing
      By João-Pierre Ruth

      State Attorney General Anne Milgram and Division of Consumer Affairs director David Szuchman today announced the filing of a lawsuit against Verizon New Jersey Inc. for not meeting certain service and marketing claims. The four-count complaint alleges Verizon violated the Consumer Fraud Act and advertising regulations through misrepresentation and omissions of facts.

      According to court documents, the state’s claims deception on the part of Verizon’s marketing, sales and customer service practices. Among the allegations include higher charges for service compared with the original quoted price. The state claims customers were charged activation fees they were told would be waived.

      The state’s suit, filed in State Superior Court in Essex County, stemmed from more than 266 complaints from FiOS costumers. Verizon’s triple play of telephone, Internet and television service is available in select municipalities around the state.

      “FiOS is touted for its clearer picture, but Verizon obscured the truth from potential customers in its advertising and sales pitches,” Milgram said in a statement. “Deception and misrepresentations have no place in the marketplace, and we will hold businesses accountable when they violate the public’s trust.”

      The DCA said each violation of the Consumer Fraud Act carries a penalty up to $10,000, and $20,000 for subsequent violations.

      Dennis Bone, president of Verizon New Jersey, issued the following statement in response to the attorney general’s complaints: “Verizon FiOS TV and broadband products are the best in America. We are working to ensure that every customer has an outstanding FIOS experience that meets and exceeds the customer’s expectations.

      “We believe that the issues raised by the attorney general today are related primarily to the startup of the FIOS business nearly two years ago in New Jersey, and have been largely addressed. We will continue to work with the attorney general to resolve any remaining concerns and to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied.”

      Comment by VerizonSUED! — March 18, 2009 #

    257. Maybe you could make changes to the page subject
      Verizon Offers Free Sharp LCD TV to New FiOS Subscribers » Telecommunications Industry News to more generic for your content you write. I liked the the writing withal.

      Comment by Schedule — October 30, 2010 #

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