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Clearwire and Sprint Expect Approval for WiMAX Partnership by Year’s End

6:15 am on September 11, 2008 | Category: Business, Internet, Regulation, WiMAX


Aspiring WiMAX provider, Clearwire Corp., is on track to gain regulatory approval for its wireless broadband partnership with Sprint Nextel, according to Clearwire CFO, John Butler.

Sprint and Clearwire announced in May that they planned to pool spectrum and other resources to create a single nationwide WiMAX network, capable of providing long-range wireless broadband services to millions of households throughout the United States. A number of tech industry giants, including Google and Intel, signed on to fund the joint venture.

Mr. Butler, speaking at a recent investor conference hosted by Jefferies Group Inc., said that attempts to gain regulatory approval for the deal had gone smoothly so far, with the exception of an objection filed by rival, AT&T Inc.

Butler insisted that the Clearwire-Sprint Mobile WiMAX solution will be available well in advance of the “Long Term Evolution” 4G technologies being proposed by leading wireless carriers, AT&T and Verizon. This will allow Clearwire to deliver a much faster and more competitive wireless broadband service.

“It’s like a firehose versus a garden hose,” Butler explained.

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