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CBS Negotiating Online Distribution of TV Content

3:15 pm on August 2, 2010 | Category: Business, Television, Web Services


America’s leading broadcasting network, CBS, is moving to make its TV shows available over the internet.

CBS announced earlier today that it had signed a new ten-year deal with Comcast, which could allow the cable giant to retransmit select shows over the web via its TV Everywhere service. The broadcaster also announced that it is in talks with streaming video service, Hulu, to make its programming available on Hulu.com.

CBS shows would only be available to users of Hulu Plus, a subscription-based video on demand service costing $9 per month.

“Are we having discussions with the Hulu subscription service? Yes we are,” confirmed CBS Chief Executive, Les Moonves, in an interview. “Our goal is to get paid for our content in as many different ways as we can without hurting the mother ship. The key here is flexibility.”

CBS is responsible for broadcasting a number of hit TV shows, including Two and a Half Men and CSI.

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    1. Comcast already charges way too much and with this deal, they’re going to charge even more. You can watch regular tv with just a web connection. The one I use is seetvpc (dot) com. It’s all online and no monthly bill.

      Comment by Jennifer Webb — August 3, 2010 #

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