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Telus Links Optik TV Service with Xbox 360

3:32 pm on August 5, 2010 | Category: Telecom Services, Television


Telus Optik TV subscribers can now use an Xbox 360 device as a digital set-top box, thanks to a collaboration between Telus and Xbox manufacturer, Microsoft.

“The Xbox 360 enables graphics for games, and we said to Microsoft that since you can do all that, why can’t you use it as a set top box too. Why not put some of that muscle into the TV side,” said Telus’ Chief Technology Officer, Ibrahim Gedeon. “This is more than just watching signals, and I think this is the way everything will go.”

The Xbox 360 provides most of the same functionality as a standard set-top box, including the ability to watch over 400 digital channels and record programming using Telus’ PVR Anywhere service.

Dave Fuller, Chief Marketing Officer at Telus, describes the Xbox capability as “a tremendous boost for what is already a great TV offering.”

“There is no question this is a market leading advancement around the world, and the next step to integrating entertainment inside the home,” Fuller commented. “The TV is not just a place to watch TV, but a place where you play games, view your own media and answer the phone.”

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