What is the importance of 360 Degree Feedback?

Businesses are run on processes and systems which are followed by employees. All employees need to ensure that work being done by is good quality and is constantly monitored to ensure they are on the right track. When some employees suddenly deiced to leave any company, all business owners tend to launch an internal investigation and see where the mistake might happened and what to pinpoint. One of the essential tools that all employers have been relying is the 360 degree feedback tool.

A 360 degree feedback tool helps in assessing an employee from all aspects – collecting data from clients, colleagues and subordinates to see how well the person is performing and how they might need to change their work style and behaviors for better productivity.  The quality of the 360 appraisal cannot be quantified. It is said that more feedback the better. It gives a more wide perspective for the evaluation. One thing that all evaluators must think of is that you cannot take a person from extreme end to the other.

The success of the appraisal depends largely on how willing the employee is to participate. The employee whose appraisal is being done has to be motivated for the change and do something about it. The employees have to ready and be prepared for the feedback. It also depends on the nature of the employee. In some cases giving employee feedback was seen as de-motivating sign with low productivity.

360 Degree Feedback

Once a 360 degree report is generated, something has to be done about the report. You cannot just leave it there sitting on the desk. There has to be certain discussion about the results with the manager or consultant.

One example is that a company hired a vice president of the company to increase their profits and revenue. The executive was successful in doing so but on the other hand started firing people. Many of the top employs left the company because of the hard measures taken by the vice president. After a 360 evaluation by the employees, it found out that the staff was not happy with vice president. A consultant than spoke with the vice president and he apologized in public for stringent measures and vowed to change.

360 degree appraisals can be beneficial if taken the right way. It can help improve the working environment of the company and increase more efficiency and work quality.You should contact an established company to get proper 360 feedback tools for easy evaluations. Having a 360 feedback done can help you reap many rewards with the staff being more proactive and motivated. Call a professional company now and the right tools to start your 360 degree evaluation.