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Intel Demonstrates Ongoing WiMAX Commitment with Aicent Investment

6:30 am on September 5, 2008 | Category: Business, Corporate, WiMAX

Chipmaker, Intel Corp., continues to demonstrate its commitment to WiMAX broadband technology, investing in a 3G/4G global data roaming startup called Aicent Inc.

Altius Broadband Rolls Out WiMAX Service in Rural Maryland

6:00 am on August 27, 2008 | Category: Internet, Telecom Services, WiMAX, Wireless Technology

A Phoenix, Maryland-based wireless internet provider by the name of Altius Broadband, has began offering WiMAX service to a number of rural communities in northern Baltimore County, Maryland.

Airspan to Provide Base Stations for Pacifictel WiMAX Network in Ecuador

5:30 am on August 13, 2008 | Category: WiMAX, Wireless Technology

Ecuador's state-owned telecommunications carrier, Pacifictel, has selected Airspan's WiMAX base stations for use in a high-speed wireless broadband network.

Nortel Networks to Equip Comstar WiMAX Network in Moscow

4:05 am on August 11, 2008 | Category: Internet, WiMAX, Wireless Technology

Nortel Networks has won a contract to provide Russia's Comstar-United TeleSystems with equipment for its forthcoming WiMAX network in Moscow.

Embedded Chips to Drive 4G Service Demand, Says Unstrung Insider

6:15 am on August 4, 2008 | Category: Cellular, Mobile Devices, WiMAX, Wireless Technology

A major push by mobile chipmakers to embed 4G technologies into a wide range of consumer electronics will create built-in market demand for 4G services based on Mobile WiMAX and LTE in years to come, according to a recent report from Unstrung Insider.

ECI Telecom Wins Contract to Build Danish WiMAX Network

2:33 am on July 16, 2008 | Category: WiMAX, Wireless Technology

Israeli-based telecom gear maker, ECI Telecom, has won a three-year contract to provide Danish utilities company, ELRO, with equipment for a nationwide WiMAX network.

Comstar Subsidiary Launches Armenia’s First Mobile WiMAX Network

1:55 am on July 15, 2008 | Category: WiMAX, Wireless Technology

Cornet-AM, the Armenian subsidiary of Russian telecom operator, Comstar, has built the Republic of Armenia's first Mobile WiMAX network.

Clearwire Leads Wireless Broadband Market; Prepares Mobile WiMAX Launch

6:20 am on July 14, 2008 | Category: Business, Internet, WiMAX, Wireless, Wireless Technology

Kirkland, Washington-based Clearwire Corp., which recently entered into a WiMAX partnership with Sprint Nextel, Google, and other tech industry giants, is currently the world's leading provider of broadband wireless access (BWA), according to a recent report by Maravedis.

WiMAX Equipment Market Surged 59% in First Quarter, Says Infonetics

6:00 am on July 9, 2008 | Category: Business, WiMAX, Wireless Technology

The global market for fixed and mobile WiMAX equipment increased by a healthy 59% (sequentially) to $363 million in the first quarter of this year, according to a recent report by Infonetics Research.

Redline Communications to Deploy WiMAX Technology for France’s Nomotech

4:55 am on June 26, 2008 | Category: Internet, WiMAX, Wireless Technology

Redline Communications announced this week that it has won a $5 million contract to help France-based Nomotech extend its wireless broadband network.

Sprint Nextel to Launch Clearwire-Branded WiMAX Service in Baltimore

6:15 am on June 20, 2008 | Category: Internet, Telecom Services, WiMAX, Wireless, Wireless Technology

Wireless service provider, Sprint Nextel, will debut its WiMAX broadband offering in Baltimore, Maryland this September, offering download speeds of 2- to 4-Mbps under the Clearwire brand name.

NextPhase Wireless to Use Aperto PacketMAX Base Stations in WiMAX Network

5:50 am on June 18, 2008 | Category: Internet, WiMAX, Wireless Technology

Aperto Networks, a WiMAX equipment vendor, says that it has won a contract to supply NextPhase Wireless, a wireless ISP in Southern California, with base stations for a forthcoming WiMAX network in the 3.65-GHz band.

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